Sunday, November 13, 2011

What is Critical Mass Exactly?

These are such exciting times, with all that is going on around us in the world we now feel it because the media and internet spread information, and all things including words are energy. The masses are now beginning to sense this energy even if they don't yet recognize what it is they are sensing. This is what the term having reached "Critical Mass" indicates. It's saying humanity has increased it's vibrational structure via transforming it's awareness ""and in turn"" all creation surrounding them increase in vibration as this energy is eternally flowing through all things. This means other humans, our pets, plants, mineral forms and even our human created items. They are all formed of energy with varying levels of consciousness as it's all being created via our thought processed through our physical Pineal Gland from our higher essence energy in this field. I picture that vast field out there as the real us in which we are all aspects of consciousness in agreement to experience this Earth reality collectively, and at the same time express that collective experience individually.Thinking further along these lines, all planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes and all things associated with them even that which we call aliens or spiritual masters are part of our same field...called a Unified Source Field by some God by others. ALL without exception IS ENERGY OF this ONE FIELD. The field flows through ALL things without exception. Thus energy we are flows through us to all other and the other energy flows through us, this is how we eventually expand to become all knowing.

We in this particular bubble of space have come to a point of holding awareness that has passed the 50% or half way mark of recognizing we are in the process of a massive energy transformation. We are at the 51% mark...This awareness is not particularly known in detail by the masses, but they sense it within and are moving/flowing with it in some conscious way. They could be having inner conversations with higher essence, working WITH nature as One or marching on Wall Street. It all is a level of thinking which progresses us toward UNITY. So even if we don't see the Masses as consciously being Unified in their thinking, the truth is in the bigger picture of this sphere the direction of the energy in the Mass is a similar vibration moving in the same direction.....Our perspectives in physical my vary with different Subject Matter, but the Objective direction of the frequency is a harmonic or a tune of sameness.

Thus as a Mass Consciousness we have come to the point in vibration which has crossed the half way mark into the energy expression of a new frequency which flows toward Unity and expression our individual aspect towards the Greater Good of the All ~~~ this is what we call having reached Critical Mass in consciousness of the Aquarius Energy Cycle.

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