Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NEXT STEP ~Thinking from the Heart

"The SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS is a shift from perceiving life created outside ourselves, to experiencing it as a projection from within where our frequency creates the expression of our reality experience."

The above is the statement on the side bar of my home page..More and more each day I feel myself living this, especially since the Mayan Calendar ended and the 11-11-11 energy began playing out. This seems to sync with what I can only call the direction spiritual guidance is setting my though in. My blog friend Alice posted about the Heart Is A Vehicle, the very same day came across the latest videos from Drunvalo Melchizedek who wrote about Living from the Heart, then yesterday came across the video from Paul Pearsall PhD who researched and wrote the book Heart Code. The connection is that living from our Heart's Mind is living the higher frequency we are as a whole . Our aura is our frequency expressed from the heart chakra outward. The heart not only pumps blood it pulses universal energy or our life force through our denser physical structure. At this time I'm lead to do what was began a few years ago in pursuing mastery of Thinking from the Heart. This is not something we can learn, it's something we begin to do through our inner senses or feeling by expressing ourselves form the heart (which is our feelings but not emotions ~~ Very Fine Line Here) It's something which will require noticing from us as we go through our day to make sure we are thinking from our heart and applying the mind as a consultant , and is going to be our next level of human mastery to help us ascend or raise inner frequency of ourselves in this body of physical matter.

Below is a great START point... on understanding this as valid spiritual science.
If your interested in raising your vibration this is Course 101

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