Friday, November 18, 2011

The Brain Cells of the Heart

Maybe you didn't notice but the top photo of the Multiply Blog page has changed from a magic vortex deep in the woods, to the golden glow of new frequency flowing at the vortex pond. Yes it's a real place and the vortex energy has changed in physical with a unique pillar of energy pouring cosmic energy into the center as it splashes outward in a spinning arc across the property creating a protective dome much like a donnut. The pictures show this. Of course from here it's seen from the confines inside the dome which appears to be a donnut with a small hole where light energy enters from outside this space. It is actuality a Torus with a spinning Toroidal Field. This is also the way in which our personal energy field moves. Thus we are each spinning our own vortex of energy which can be identified by spirit and seers, but even more it is said that the US Air Force has recorded it on their equipment. I can't confirm this from personal experience, but it comes from quite a reliable source Drunvalo Melchizedek shared in one of his many published books. It seems the U.S. military has been watching him since his work with Slim Sperling on cleansing the atmosphere in Colorado; and after students of his Mer-Ka-Ba class began spinning their own lightbody, which was picked up on government equipment, they had helicopters following them until it was realized this was all part of the new consciousness people were beginning to express. This is part of the energy that emanates from the sacred space of the heart's brain.

Now there is a different subject. If you watched the video in the previous blog (it is not well done, titled poorly and starts strange), but it later gets into Dr Paul Pearsall's study of heart transplant patients taking on character and preferences of the hearts donor. Then give information from the Institute of Heart Math in Boulder Creek California which is connected to Stanford University, on the small group of cells in the heart which are like the cells of the brain. Scientists view this as the Hearts Brain as we also know when a baby is conceived the Heart begins to beat before the brain is even formed. At Heart Math they have found the human heart generates an electromagnetic field from the heart extending eight to ten feet centering from the heart. The field resembles the donnut of the torus which is considered the most unique primal shape in the universe. This is increased in spin and frequency when one activates this Mer-Ka-Ba field. There are many articles on the web stating how, the best seems to be from the teachings shared by Drunvalo given to him by ancient elders.

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