Saturday, November 12, 2011

Calleman's View After The End Of The Calendar

Many people are stunned ~~ they believed some horrendous event would occur at the End Time of the Mayan Calendar, but it did not. They were waiting for an event and missed sensing the energy transform around them. This is why so many miss so much of life, they see/sense only the physical and this gives preconception to their reality and then their expectations lead them down the path of their own making according to those ideas and they miss the whole show.. I have my own perception that we are at a 51% point of the transformation in energy from one frequency to the next. It is called the procession of the Ages and we are 51% into the change standing on the top surveying both with our feet more in new energy than the old..this whole difference in End Times being 10-28-2011 or 12-21-2012 is because it is never meant for us to know the MOMENT as it is not an event which is datable. It is a gradual transition into a different frequency.. We are standing on the very top of the pyramid viewing both frequencies as we walk toward the new energy side. It is a progression of evolution we are experiencing.
Carl Calleman a major researcher in the Mayan Calendar has had this to say about this period after the calendar. Long but quite interesting and I do like to hear of the perspective others hold.


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