Friday, November 11, 2011

Living the Little House on the Prairie

We were warned of a snowy Nor-easter and got more than a foot of heavy wet snow completely out of season as we encountered the end of the Mayan Calendar old Pisces energy cycle, and moved into the beginning of a new Aquarius energy. It's the energy that is changing, but in the physical it showed itself with a storm that wiped away some long lingering stagnate energy/humid-air that would not dry the soil. The new energy vibration, represented as a snow storm, cleansed the air and melted away mainly through evaporation, and in only a couple days began to dry mud solid, a condition we have not seen since mid summer. This was the passing of one 26,000 cycle into the next age where we form an entirely new premise to experience as beings of matter. This new vibration will not accept the frequencies we once vibrated, it requires we seek harmony with the new higher resonance. This is what the Hopi Prophecy Rock showed us ~~ we have two paths which lay before us, one in harmony // one not. The one without harmonic value will rattle our heads from being balanced with our body, leaving the ground under us a chaos of unknown factors that can not be in sync with Mother Earth and her others. The other path seeks living in unity with the planet for the greater good of all, and is how we will find the harmony to sustain this next new 26,000 year life cycle.

The devastating storm left us without modern facilities and was the format designed to awaken me to a truer sense of the new frequencies. It removed me from the old flow of Electro Magnetic Frequencies by taking out our electric, allowing us to function with the new universal energy without influence from the old human invented devices. I'm totally convinced if it had taken me a month to set up a working system of cooperation with Mother Earth the experience without electricity cable and phone would of lasted that long, but it only took 6 days for us to connect to Mother Earth and a loving harmonic song of cooperation for the greater good of all. There were no problems accepting we had no modern facilities, the biggest problem became our source of water in large quantities for the horses. There was more than enough bottled stored for our drinking and cooking, plus we could refill at the mountain spring on my neighbor friends property. Our down fall was the horses. We have a small stream that dries up during the hottest weather except for a closed off squeak of a spring at the vortex pond. However, not only does it run through neighbors land contaminated with garden chemicals, the pasture it's in has become a swamp from all the rain. Horses could easily get bogged down in mud, thus the best laid plans of mice&men went astray.

We began shoveling the customary snow into their 80 gallon water tub, normally the electric provides heat to melt it and we had no electric. So we shoveled 5gal. buckets full of snow, then melted it in pots on top of the living room heater, then stored it in 5gal buckets to carry. (It takes a foot of snow to get an inch of water.)
All to soon we realized this may become more serious as the transformer at the sub-station here on the mountain had been fried and reports were there was no indication how long replacement would take. Oneson had extra metal drums he was preparing to switch out for horse feed with the rubber barrels with lids that had become dinner for some chipmunks. The switch gave us rubber rain barrels to catch melting snow from the roof. Then I spent two days storing what I could in buckets and anything else that held water. We will eventually come up with something better for long term storage of quantity.

There had been enough previous rain that the roof was quite clean so this rain barrel water was continuously heated in pots on the heater for our bathing and dish washing. We stored it cold in a 5gal Igloo cooler that sat on the counter top with a spigot over the sink which gave easy push button access to wash hands and rinse dishes of food before washing. Quickly we learned to not waste, saving all used water devoid of food in a separate bucket for toilet flushing. The soapy water made an easy job of keeping things clean without scrubbing.

This experience put us in the know that we must find better storage for larger reserves of rain water for horses and our own use other than drinking. Maybe all this rain Mother Earth showered upon us is her way of showing how we waste the abundance of what we most need; and she is directing us toward realizing how important it is we not take any of her gifts for granted. Several years ago we had a more powerful than normal earthquake (we are on a granite rock fault that's always active with thuds) my friends well collapsed and the spring got partly choked. We didn't quite learn from this as they reopened both and we continue to waste. There may come a time when this is not possible and we'd be forced to use contaminated streams or the dirty Delaware River, we must learn to work cooperatively with Mother Earth to cleanse our available sources and appreciate them with gratitude as the cherished gifts they provide.
new energy frequency is about working in Unified Cooperation with the ALL creation as equal.
P.S. above photo is the Vortex Pond in the woods.

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