Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Mask Blessing Wear

A girlfriend and myself have been laughing for years at syncs in our lives when it comes time to be testing ourselves for having learned lessons. These make it a very clear grading or marking system as our report cards. It's like we learn lessons up the ladder of consciousness in a certain area and then check our selves with little tests to actually perfect our ability to hold the learning as part of us. My biggest has been learning to not be a People Pleaser. At one time it involved everyone as I held this attitude I needed to have everyone's loving approval, which came from my mothers statement "What will the neighbors think?" Eventually learned it didn't matter, what did was me being true to myself. It's been a long and argeous treck up this ladder to master this. It was a statement from Sea, "you need to set boundaries" that clinched this. The real test will be when taken off guard by someone held close in my heart, at present I've had a few tests hitting somewhat close to home.

The other night phone kept ringing, it's been regular in the evening with advertisers. Been on the Do Not Call List since day one, somehow it's not been recorded last time I re-registered. Every time I'd pick up this ringer it would click dead. No the number came up on caller ID so it's not a robber check. Trying to watch a hockey game this really set me off, it was work to keep my resonance in the calm of my higher frequency. There have also been several incidences with tenants which were challenging over a couple days. Yesterday son was looking for the shipping date of a saw manual purchased on my eBay account $11.90 total, it's not in purchase history and can't even bring up the item by number. It's recorded in PayPal as paid so no real problem,and may be cause it was a Canadian seller, but it's very annoying. Shortly after this the new tenant calls telling me he had a leak in the roof and his ceiling is about to fall in yadda yadda...Well it stopped raining two days ago, and the ceiling is acoustical small tiles about 2inches below the original wood slat ceiling...How bad is it if he's just now calling? It had to be looked at during daylight to find any leak, which is most likely guess work now since the rain stopped two days ago. He's working today so we agreed I go in and look when he wasn't there as I had a heavy schedule today even though it's Saturday. Hanging up I rearrange two other appointments to do this in a.m. in case it meant a trip to the store, and didn't want it to infringe on Flyers Hockey game which starts at 2pm. An hour later he calls back "Hon ing" me saying his girlfriend will be there to let me in ?2or3 o'clock?...No She Won't...I'll be deep in ice time then...we already set our appointment. Now I normally I'd appease a tenant, but this womenizing who calls me Hon, is offensive in his sugar coated control. This is a new landlord/tenant association and the relationship doesn't call for this familuarety being a non sexual business agreement. Especially recognizing it's done to soften me so he gets the upper hand. Now I'd question my intuition on this except Oneson who is his age made the statement the other day, he doesn't trust the guy sensing he cons others to get what he wants..There has even been evidence of him doing this with my neighbors which was infringing on their privacy. Soooo I stood my ground saying "no our appointment was set and I must do it when we agreed". See Crone how easy was that!

Topper of these tests is having several of my posts Linked to by a friend, which I really appreciate spreading of information this way. However, a guy I've blocked because he was constantly starting controversy with a degrading attitude that others are stupid unless they hold his beliefs...I gave opportunity with the hope he'd awaken a bit and then had to block that energy. On this friends linked post he lured me into responding. He did it on two linked posts with very disrespectful comments showing no respect for views others hold. This really challenged my ability to hold resonance up there, but I must thank this narrow minded being for the opportunity to prove to myself I've conquered being a People Pleaser by stating my position politely instead of attempting to please him for having rendered disrespect.

I'm relating this to hopefully help others recognize how these thing we are attempting to evolve by as lessons, do come back at us as we become more. These are hard times in which we are constantly pushing against the energy of ourselves as we shift into a new frequency energy vibration which is part of the natural pattern of evolution of the consciousness energy all thing are.The lessons come at us in mostly inconspicuous ways, we just need to be noticing how they mask themselves as our blessings.

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