Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Is This New Way of Thinking

There is a lot of misconception about what Thinking From the Heart Is...
Most people feel it is being more emotional and empathic along with feeling love for others. NO IT"S NOT ANY OF THAT....
Thinking from the heart actually removes one from these human feelings of love emotion and empathy towards others....WHY??? Cause it's being in the space we commonly call Christed...It's knowing all things are One and that each Aspect of this Oneness has chosen it's path of experience in manifested human expression. Thus empathy of heart thinking really isn't what we in human form know it to is simply a sensing the expression by another part of ourselves. Emotion only exists in the human Emotional Body which is a step down body of energy from our pure essence to physical form, and love is not the human feeling of love but Acceptance of ALL as part of ourselves and therefore the Field that is All Things,which is in a state of eternal exponential expansion.

Thinking from the heart is not the human love resonance of something being more pleasing to us than something else, because to the heart all is equal pleasure expressed in the many forms of All That Is.

It has been stated Mind thinking is a 3D process based in polarity. Every thought however good it's intention always creates the opposition force as this is the blueprint of this frequency. Heart thinking is pure as the heart only knows Oneness and all being equal expressions knowing no density of separateness.

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