Saturday, November 26, 2011

eBay Problems No-Way

A few days ago one of my contacts posted regarding the horrors of a purchase they made on eBay...the conversation response was legenthy and in the end eventually she made out ok from what I gather....even though I did loose track of the posting.
Well I ran into a major problem myself.
Son purchased a Chain Saw Repair Manual. We in U.S. the buyer from Canada offering a CD in physical or for download. He chose physical paid plus postage at end auction via PayPal the total of $11.90..woopie. Waited ~ no email, no seller contact none from eBay either, and oddly it didn't come up on my account Purchase List...So didn't even have an item number to click into. Then started the search every which way but loose thinking
that since son (who isn't PC literate) cleared his watch list he also cleared it from purchase list. The last resort ~~went to PayPal~~ there she was "Paid" with information and finally a listing number. Well it didn't come up in item#'s either. Finally I'd had it and just out and out Phoned eBay live person to person. SEE I've been an eBayer since we were both baby's 1998 when they were so personalized they sent me an eBay T-shirt for my birthday. Normally I'd not call them they called me often though, but over the last few years that's gone by the wayside as I'm not that big a seller or really even a seller anymore and do more buying.

So the eBay girl took me step by step through the dispute page. Seems this Seller had been removed for an eBay NONO... this happens, thank goodness it does on the spot when they find someone going against legal policy. She had me fill out dispute form and file it, saying wait to get email reply from the seller or eBay regarding the final outcome. Well the seller never responded. eBay didn't give them a chance to, as in no less than the next two minutes I received eBay Messages about the dispute filing and in the next breath the Message I'd received a "Full Refund" for the $11.90. Clicking into PayPal it was there "Refund" in my account with the funds returned to my bank...

See I learned along time ago "Simplify" by using PayPal Payments with their protections. Within PP I pay via my bank, it's withdrawn from my checking account just like any other paperless check, the checking account payment is also backed by having a valid credit card on file with eBay. So I'm covered regardless and payment is always instant on the spot.

How simple this was! How secure this was! How wonderful eBay was! cause I functioned by the rules. There is trust to be found in using eBay and PayPal and of course the 13 years experience in which I was party to helping establish those rules of safety to protect Sellers and Buyers from unscrupulous people has paid off.......
I've done much holiday and occasion buying in this safe no hassle format and would give anyone the go-ahead using this format of safe payment. I generally will not buy from web sites either unless the offer PP because once they have your numbers they are in lock down and even hacking won't get them as they never need be posted again. So it is 1 Click Shopping in safety.....I'm attributing this less than positive adventure being automatically turned into a positive by holding the highest resonance during it and a number of other situation in which I've offer myself testing practice Holding My Highest Resonance in adversity.

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