Monday, November 28, 2011

Odds and Ends Day

Today's the opening day of Gun Hunting and as always the powers that be provide the deer with a protection of sorts.. Yesterday was in the 60's so everyone was out still cleaning up after that horrid unseasonable destructive snow we had. The next door neighbor had a backhoe in pulling tree branches down and removing some from around their house...They had two fall on it with no damage...a warning... Then someone started up chain saws, the day before they were going as far as you could hear..Except for here...Son has three and narry a pull to start one as he was sighting in his mussel loader and then repaired the slate roof on the tenant house. Ya the snow took some of the 80year old suckers loose. Slate is only good for 50 years but most of it gets much longer service. I'm really really pushing it and they are all coming loose on the hot/cold side of the house cause the nails are rusted. So he fixed us up for a bit longer hopefully as the new tenant had a leak in his ceiling with two days of that heavy rain.This is why I put the drop ceiling tiles up, they can easily be replaced with little effort for tenants. Of course now we will wait till it rains at least twice to make sure the repair is really repaired. Son is a professional so it most likely is. Anyway with all the noise yesterday (Sunday) the deer were forewarned and took off so they get it that something odd is happening.

They truly are very smart anyway I always joked that they have the hunting manual sent to them cause you won't see one today. Then during small game you don't see squirrels but too many deer. The girls will most likely hover around the feed shed here as they know their safe here. Gimpy has managed 10seasons now on 3 legs and still going strong. When the kids were little they use to find their safety by grazing with my ol gelding in pasture or standing under the apple tree near the house...For this area that is long as we are not the boonies just wooded but there is a big population in the woods these past five years, plus quite a number of state game lands.

Anyway I've got a DDS appointment for a tooth cleaning. It's better to spend the money on that and keeping these old gums healthy than to get decay at this age. Those who don't have them, say there is nothing like your own teeth. When I return I'll be working on some eBay Listing. Holidays are a good time to list some of this stuff I need rid of. Downloaded the latest version of Turbo Lister which is eBay's freebee. It nice cause you can type and hold till later and do some fancies to make it look professional with little effort. I do my own to avoid the fees for their page formats. Listing is a lot of work until you get into it, as there are searches before to ck each items going sale price. No sense in listing without doing it at what things will sell for and that is always
specific to the present market. This is all left over from the store so I don't need to get a set price just want rid of it...

I'm off now to the DDS and will return later to the PC so will check into the blogs later. Have a great day, it's in the 60's here and I should be outside doing more clean up, but got something in my eye weeding yesterday and it's still there annoying the h#$l out of me. Ugh Dentist and something in my eye,guess may as well have them together as neither is to pleasant.

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