Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time of Purification at Work

Everyday there are lessons being learned. No not the type to rebel against, the type to find a way to maneuver around with ethics. Son like so many has during his life broken the law with the little things assuming no one was looking so it was ok.. This seems to almost be human nature to do and the idea he was caught at it numerous time by driving while intoxicated is a clear statement. He and millions other do it regularly at the expense of risking others lives, but also do it in other ways with less effect. IE why at 47 he now lives with his mother. It's taken five years to finally do something physical about changing this; But the disease of drinking is almost not the issue, it's the disease of being non ethical that is the real problem and it runs ramped through our species. There is this attitude that what other don't know who hurt them, and if no one is watching us it's alright to do the wrong behind their backs. I have no idea where that comes from other than simply not wanted to be ruled or controlled by others. However, if you live within a group that agrees upon something, ethics says you comply with the group desire or leave it. Unfortunately most don't recognize it this way ethically.

This attitude of doing what we are told not to do goes far deeper, as it's a social disease. You notice it everywhere, in that "what they don't know won't hurt them"thing. It's all over the media news with those holding positions in which they should know better cause they preach against this to others. Son ran in to this with his marriage and live-in-girl-friends cheating on him while he his back was turned while drinking. He's run into it also with the new tenant and hunting. The guy tried to convince him I'd never know he was hunting our property, then tried the same about the property across the street and it's owner not knowing. Son's response is "you'll be wishing you never knew this place if my mother finds out." Son knows I won't tolerate dishonesty or sneaky behavior cause he's guilty of both quite recently. It totally lacks character!

The idea of living with people who do this is
something I will not subject myself to, because I don't like that feeling that I can't turn my back on them. It's a social disease none of us, not even the perpetrators, desire to live with. Son is learning his lessons with it lately with hunting. Sunday night before opening day there was one big boom followed by many little 22 shots...obvious poaching. The close location and hour means it involved the deer coming in for son to feed them dinner.He's livid cause the Game Commission just won't investigate unless someone else has done their job for them and caught the poacher red handed. Son was at first thinking how this is not fair to game or other hunters, until I tied it into the over all attitude of this social disease our society is afflicted with. He's starting to recognize the lack of honor in this trait, understanding how it all connects when I reminded him
"the sign of good character is
one who does what they are suppose to even if no one is looking".

Somewhere in the channeled messages of the late 90's there were very clear statements as to how all deceit and miss deeds would come to light before we enter the energy of 2012. Well this is apparently it, as it's not just in our private lives but is all over the news. The media is having a field day with those in positions of authority who have been doing wrong thinking no one was looking so they wouldn't be found out. There is disclosures going on in all areas of our social structure from government to the bed room and it will continue as the vibrational frequency will tolerate nothing less than purity in our action and through. So all you left offending others with your deceit be warned; the Light will shine disclosing all secrets. It's written in the vibration of the energy this reality is moving into. Purity in heart is part of the new Aquarius Age Cycle and no one will miss that energy as it passes through them. It's not been labeled "The Time of Purification" without reason.

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