Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seasons Change Liner Time Perception

Again yesterday I was playing........
Oh My It's Good For the Soul......

It seems to remedy whatever ails us. I've always been creative, others seem to think I've quite the flair, however I don't particularly. Guess it's cause I struggle with some art forms which I'd like to perfect. Anyway I enjoy easy graphics for the PC so was playing with things to set up several different attractive formats for the eBay sales I'm listing. Hopefully they will pan out as the stuff is what's left over from the jewelry store for the most part. It's a great way to buy quality for low prices. Also getting rid of some odds and ends if they sell. Regardless the page will be attractive and set for the holiday; If eBay allows all. Unless you have a listing service that provides format it gets removed automatically by their program, so I'm keeping it simple. Their program doesn't like backgrounds so will have to go with the white..we can work around this. I'm also working on format for a winter page here on M...ahh and just when I got the Fall page to my liking. Oh well another fall will come our way. Now in case your wondering~~this is how I'm getting into holiday spirit seasonal graphics greeting. I'm no longer big into holidays since daughter says buy Gift Cards....that's makes it such a blank for giving, but there's no way money should be wasted so this way her family gets what they want. Me, well I won't decorate the house anymore cause someone has to put it all away ~A wreath at the entrance outside. Clipped some branches off evergreen trees that fell in the storm and placed them in the empty flower pots outside. ~Deer ate them!~ Oh well they eat the flowers too. So I sort of consider this strange bare branched pot arrangement like a Bird Tree. You know the ones we hang treats for the birds on in winter. By February they start to look pretty in need too.

Today it's sunny and cold after two days of rain and warmth. Crazy! Oneson has no work so is hunting, being in the woods is his way of chilling whatever ails him. Must admit it's my favorite too, but not in the rain...The weather is warm for November, we're in the hi 50's - lo 60's when it should be 40-50's, won't complain as we most likely will pay come Jan & Feb which will make the winter seem so much longer than it really is. This is part of our changingseasons Spring Summer Fall Winter we get them all and it keeps things interesting. Regardless even not liking winter so much it helps to create that illusion of time, got to be careful here with it. So far so good as summer seemed to simply melt away into something warm even when the leaves left the trees helping to dampen that aspect we use for calculating the time of a years passing. I'm asking, thinking, and visioning a gray season with no snow and just hardfrozen ground. This is less drastic and would assist the perception greatly as it attempts to dismantle that perception aspect of linear time perception. We could have snow like we did last week and then have it melt away fast that would meet Mother Earths needs and ours for eliminating this linear perception of time.We will see what she brings...I'm keeping this vision that is less drastic yet profound enough to meet the needs of all other kingdoms.

Mentioning this need of other kingdoms there aren't many birds anymore?? Possibly it's the poor quality of black oiled sunflower seeds they are passing off which don't have hardly if any seed in them. I'll have to bite the bullet and get expensive large seeds cause they aren't even coming in to eatthe suet cakes. Guess this is more of their GMO improved food crap.

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