Friday, December 2, 2011

Viewing Someone Create Their Reality

Did a different...slept in till 7A.M. it's been years since the last time. Woke at the normal 5 and snuggled down in away from the cold. The sinuses can't deal with heat so it's always cool in here at night, 33degreess outside is a shocker from the 40's we've had, guess winter temperatures are really here, about time. When I was growing up we always had several light snows in November, when my children were growing we often still had one by Thanksgiving and December we planned as a snow month. Gradually things have changed and Dec.&Jan we may get light snow with the bigger ones in February and March. March there is normally one real big one, but it doesn't last as the air is beginning to warm enough it melts away in a few days rather than hanging around till it's dirty ice. Having lived in this area ~same county~ most my life I can see how Mother Earths patterns have changed.

Oneson has been home, all the guys he works with are hunters and up-state,
so he's had time to hunt here. Funny Funny, the man's manages to come up with more reason to not get a deer than I could of if I'd been conscious of thying to find excuses. I'm seeing such a fantastic view of how our inner vibration creates our outer reaction as reality. Son loves his deer. He has new stories every day from his feed walks and hunting, it's obvious he really can not bring himself to kill one. He's left our property and tracked to the neighbors and found several herds of strangers, this may give him hope as a hunter yet. So far he was late getting to set-up his compound bow, took to be strung and the shop got flooded and had to pick it up and have someone new do it. Then the dog pulled the string off and he fussed over restringing and could not sight it in for a perfect close pattern. Finally he get to use the muzzle loader and all is ok but he's not pleased with it's pattern of fire on the target with this ammo he's using. He ends up buying a $700.00 Cross Bow for $450. on eBay New, and the scope he gets with it is bad. This got shipped to the manufacture for replacement. He and the muzzle just came in as he needed to use the bathroom and walked through the whole running herd on his way home. FUNNY observation! Wonder what excuse he'll find next..

This may be a more complete view watching others at times than trying to see it in ourselves.This is a perfect view of how we create reality from inner energy as we are that which we vibrate in frequency. We can all say thanks to Abraham through Ester and the recently disengaged Jerry Hicks for bringing this to our awareness in so many interesting ways. Sons mind is saying he's a hunter cause he grew up one but his new inner vibration tells him he is one with deer and friends don't to this to friends unless one chooses to give it's life for the others survival.

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