Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Feast of Thanksgiving

Well last week I put it out there that someone cooks for me this Thanksgiving! ~~~~~~~~Yup and I got it.
In my heart while saying this was thought that the day create whatever is most needed for the greater good of all involved. Ends out daughter or I should say her husband is cooking for just their family,~Oneson and I are invited.. Will take a veggie dish and couple of pies with us. While my family was growing up we had all holiday's here. It was fun and everyone wanted it that way. My parents moved when I was a baby so we never had big family celebrations. When I married we moved a shorter distance away, but saw family often and our holidays in some way included them. Hubby's family seldom on the actual day.This worked for all of us as Mother my sister and eventually her family would come the Eve for a sleep over which was wonderful for our children.. These days daughters husband who is obsessive has a way of controlling how things are done in their home, when he's here he is critiquing my home and lifestyle every minute and as a seer I just don't need his dis-satisfaction that it's not what he would do. That tends to take enjoyment out of the doing for me.

For years we had stores and had to participate in holiday sales hours with the business district. Thanksgiving was a major event day followed by Black Friday when all hell broke loose with shoppers. By the time we reached Christmas Eve and strayed to serve all those last minute Johnnie's we'd had it with holidaying and simply went through the motions. To me it the whole thing has been tainted many years ago anyway as it had all become a thing based on Money and how big how much and how people could outdo each other. It was topped when my daughter asked that I give Gift Certificates rather than gifts, then the children could buy what they wanted which was always one thing before Christmas and changed by the time it got here...~when it's all about the gift and not the thought any joy which was left in holidays vanished.

Thanksgiving is the opening of the holidays
and when someone is more concerned with how or what you do than the idea that you care enough to put yourself into the doing, I vie out. There have been a couple of holidays we were invited to join her husbands big Italian clan gatherings....As nice as these people are, their energy is heavy / dense from attitudes of material living, and there is always at some point some family controversy and hard feelings. Daughters immediate family isn't any better but it's a smaller group and much more easily dealt with.

What I put out there has been answered, and can only assume that we who will join together will be served well by our time together. I know I need to connect with these people especially daughter, and she needs to connect to this end of her support system knowing we are here for her with her resent health problems. Son needs to re-connect and find his place among these people as this new non-drinking being, and my grandsons need to be a part of the bond this unite creates as they rapidly grow into these deep voices I hardly recognize. It's nice knowing we are the energy of our desires, and that is what we radiate outward into the universal field to be fed with more of the like resonance to help our desires come to fruition as the reality we experience as life.
Happy Thanksgiving all ~
hoping your desires for the greater good will be
served for you to feast upon today.

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