Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away STOP!!!

Dear Heavens it's happening again or should I say YET .. Rain that is!
We have had some breaks not many, every time it starts again I try to remember what sun is. Maybe ducks like this, but horses don't and we don't have ducks anymore. Wonder what horses will look like as they evolve with web feet? Wet is bad on horses feet. Small problems to this much rain with dogs feet being sore, he can't go out every time we do cause he has to be toweled off coming in which takes time if your busy. Our wearing boots results in endless changing, and we've stopped putting shoes on when we come in, so our socks are all getting holes. Seems like the mud room is endless wet smelly jackets hanging. No rain coats unless full length below boot top as water drips into your boots, they are hot and you get sweaty under them when working. It 's bad when you start wishing it was snow to shovel or plow just so the ground would firm up beyond sponge point. Makes doing outdoor work near impossible as things just never dry and all is getting moldy even at 40/50 degrees. The hay still has fans on it to keep that from happening. To think that during the electric outage we had such problems getting water for horses, now they are growing gills in it.

Over the years I've worked with groups on weather with success, recently read some of Drunvalo Melchizedek's adventures with it. He worked with Slim Spirling's R-2 devise clearing pollution from Denver back in the 1980and when his meditation group people started seeing helicopters hovering over their homes the Air Force confronted him and he stopped. The Air Force did too, once aware it was just the new consciousness people using the energy of thought. Their atmospheric cleansing was done with large groups, but individuals can also change the energy of the atmosphere. I'm
going to start working on not to stop the rain...because it's mothers free will to create as she chooses. I must to work with it differently than before in cooperation without interfering. You see here too it's mind thinking if our ego steps in and says this is not good or to our liking. So one must think from the Heart Brain from Oneness, without any polarity thinking that it's good or bad which is old 3D paradigm programing. In the new energy we must learn to think from our non-polarity Heart Brain perception of Oneness, where each aspect has the right to express experience as it chooses for the greater good of all.

That's the catch 22 (greater good of all) we can not judge that for others, that to is ego from brain thought.. We must leave our thinking open so all can balance the greater good of the all thought it's free will. So meditation gets tricky at this point, cause this is not a game when it effects all things, we must stop applying ego to suit our need or what we think best, failing to recognize all other creation has free will of it's need and choice too. It's our failure in this that has created the situation harming the planet. Whatever occurs as part of earth changes, occurs; we must put out the energy which creates equal respect and cooperation between all creation for it's greater good according to it, not us. This can only come from Heart Thinking. At this point I'm sensing that is simply loving all for what it is which then allows it to seek it's own greater good. When all finds this for itself there will be complete harmony.
Wow...and I thought this would be hard.
Now comes applying this heart thinking in meditation. This is the hard part as our Brain always wants to insert ego perception and we must learn to stay in the thought from our heart, which is not as easy as you might think.

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