Monday, November 21, 2011

Becoming Our Selves

Recently posted were several things about our physical pumping Heart having brain cells, and how science is coming to see from human heart transplants the Heart thinks along with the energy it sends out into the world being way more powerful than from any other part of our physical body. Maybe no one is interested? - no one commented!, but learning to think from our heart or doing what is called "living from our heart" is the criteria of the new energy cycle called the Aquarius Age. It is what will help us create ourselves as enlightened or lightbody beings as we approach the higher vibration from 4th into 5th dimension as it's called by us. Without transforming our ability to think from the heart we are placing ourselves out of sync with this new energy, and that will in time become what creates an inability to exist in the higher frequency energy. To me this says Heart Thinking then is where it's's the current course of change we must adapt to once we have cleansed ourselves of the old energy of limitation we hold from old paradigm beliefs. This period we have just entered between the end of the Mayan Calendar and 12/21/2012 is what the ancient elders have called The Time of The Great's a process" not a dated happening, and during the next year we will be offered much cosmic energy for purifying our hearts of the beliefs which held us in separatism so we can think from our heart
as the true Oneness all is.

I've been channeling much personal information about this, and have been directed to read what some others have published regarding it and will share all this here for others...How you choose to use it is up to you, but I will say this is a necessary process to master if your interest is in what has been called ascension or raising your inner vibrational frequency. First I will offer that it is necessary to transcend this 3Dworld with or without this physical body. It is also necessary to maintain the manifested lightbody form on Earth in the new cycle. It just simply either way is necessary at this time. When it's said that no one will be left behind this is where that derived. We can raise to where we never reincarnate Earth again or we can raise vibration to help create the next phase of experience for humanity, this is all a new vibrational level regardless. Personally I choose the so called Heaven on Earth as this is a promise my soul essence committed to as Syamatara the Bodhisattva to return to earth experience until ALL have become enlightened. The process when completed is still Ascension, it simply places our ascended vibrational essence in different stage settings of experience...(like being an aetheric being or a earth lightbeing both can be equally raised in vibration it's just the space we express our expansion experience in is different when we have removed ourselves from the karmic limitations). Here is something to contemplate to bring more understanding: according to Ascended Master Thoth "When one thinks and create within the head from the mind, one is using a Polarity instrument. Even though intention is to create good it also creates the opposition. For this is part of the 3D manifested energy.
When one thinks and creates with the heart it is pure as the heart only
knows Oneness and then the creation is devoid the opposition of that known as the density of separateness."

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