Monday, November 21, 2011

New Moon Nov.25th Our Deep Stuff

The New Moon is this coming Friday November 25th is in Sagittarius. This is the day after the American Thanksgiving or the day we call Black Friday before Christmas for heavy shopping. Sag is the Wounded Warrior in us, it effects our deepest selves and some of the sensitive build up from other focuses (that we call our past lives) It's about our deepest level inner belief systems, often related to our sense of spirituality because of the depth it goes as part of our base vibration. Sag is ruled by Jupiter the planet of optimism, thus any changes/transformation we make will be positive for the greater good of all Oneness as Jupiter is also expansion..

With this new moon there is also a Partial Solar Eclipse involved..... (eclipses are powerful energy creating progress from change which are often from ending)

Sag Moon energy effects our presence in the physical world as well as the outer universe, it's not so much about our inner emotions, but rather what will form our emotional senses we express outwardly as we move forward into this new cycle. Sagittarius reminds me of Mother Teresa, my daughter who departed early in her life, and my little fur face Cocker who many felt was my daughter reincarnated due to it deep sense of spiritual awareness and up beat attitude regardless of what life hands out. It brings us opportunity to awaken understanding of the new vibrational frequencies coming our way which will transform our inner senses toward serving the Oneness we all are moving us away from self- centeredness.

Will post Kathy Rose's video as soon as she sends it ....Many like her sense of things as do I.

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