Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spinning But Not Moving

Strange Energy! It's as if we are busy spinning our wheels going no where.Guess from what I understand it's what it's meant to be at this time as the wheels are kicking out that which gives us no traction to move forward. This is a planning stage, doing but not moving forward yet cause the solid plan is not yet formulated ~no traction~. It's giving me time to really take a deep look at the life formed around me, knowing it's reflective of my inner self I'm starting to see it for what it is rather than what we always thought it to be.With this I see the old paradigm and how things must change to meet the harmonic resonance of the new cycle energy.

*We can see this in the Occupy Wall Street movement. It's in a bit of a spin right now accomplishing nothing solid. It will, but it has to get it's footing to find it's direction.

*Then my son who has stopped drinking is now a real pleasure to have in my space. We laugh a lot about KodyDog and he always has wonderful stories each day after their walk in the woods about deer being so friendly treating him and the dog like one of them. It's been just a month and once son decided with no prompting to go the medical route to control his addiction, his whole attitude changed after five years of putting us both through hell. He is gaining an interest in things and fixing what he has creating a new him, the one I knew was there behind the bottle. There is a whole other thing I'm also watching where he as a hunter keeps sabatoging his hunting with broken equipment so he's spinning wheels too. His Heart Brain is not about to kill friends, and his physical brain is trying to grasp this by finding some logic in it.

*The two male tenants did some inconsiderate things showing how they forget they aren't the only ones in this life, and acted with cunning as if no one would recognize their true intentions. I got angry ~ but zipped it. As the energy of this flowed I realized this was an energy reflection of me and one more aspect of old paradigm attitude that must transform. It stems from owning this property legally... but in the new consciousness we recognize no one owns the earth we simply stake out space for our energy to merge in manifestation. This makes me a steward of the space who oversees everyone who shares it treats the other in this space fairly and with respect. It isn't about me doing anything (I was just an observer), but I held attitude that I was in the position (landlord) to control by stating how things should be done..Well in physical I kept quiet and realized their actions went nowhere but simply fell in line with the resonance I desired. Both guys were put in their place by the result which just manifested ~ which didn't involve me stepping in. It's another advanced lesson on changing inner attitudes as if they are tires still spinning not quite finding the track yet. I was actually observing the change take place in the outer expression from the desires I held within. That old Law of Attraction drew the energy of likeness.

*There's more ~~ my middle child a daughter departed life at 18 having battled Systemic Lupus. Her sister now 44 started having health issues, yet treats here body as a temple. She found out she has the skin form of Lupus, not as serious but something she must keep under control in this worlds toxic environment to her compromised immune system. I didn't concern myself and saw this as something she can handle not the horrors it could be.. I suggested she use Cell Food to increase her Blood Oxygen levels..tests finally say it's Walking Pneumonia with clear lungs. Shes on prescription but her doctor actually said the CF was excellent for it but he could not scribe it as main stream doesn't recognize this holistic liquid. Now I just have to get HER to watch Bruce Lipton's videoso her thinking progresses toward new energy understandings...

Sunday, son working for the guy he use to work for, leaving KodyDog and I to watch NASCAR Championship ~Carl Edwards has been our man for years, he's gona do more than spin wheels.. We just filled the bird feeders and put suite cakes out, seems safe as we've not seen any bear lately. Got a small 8X10 plastic greenhouse for $99 on sale, will not use through winter snows but today will clear the spot and add compost and horse gifts for son to till in. Most likely it's only for fall/spring use, but will be a help for fresh greens. Glad we didn't put it up when we got it as that heavy destructive snow would of destroyed it. This is another time when Heart Thinking was used and I stayed in tune with Now Frequencies. Another plan waiting out the right timing!

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