Monday, December 5, 2011

Changing Climate of Perception

To say the weather is strange is an understatement. Son came in from feeding horses saying fog was so thing he couldn't see to walk, it's warm again in a month we normally begin our freezes. However, it not only climate that is strange, here too on Multiply it's strange. There are so few people and in checking the Main Inbox the majority of posts in the last few hours have no comments. This is odd ~ people write and no one reads ~ have noted how few actually visit my blog and those that have higher number comments are conversations where the site owner does most of the commenting not others. This same thing is on eBay ~ it too has changed since I last sold there. This is the big sale time and when not just sellers, but eBay makes much of their money. They are again putting it out for TV Ads to draw buyers and at this same time offering sellers free listing (no fees). Which means only one thing, they are hurting for sellers who pay fees not just buyers. A seller can't afford to spend on listings when there are no buyers, it's throwing money away. I've listed around 20 jewelry items, only 4 have had people watching them and so far only one Sold. It's not costing anything but time with no Fees, but time is worth something especially since we recognize it's not real and we are in a process of learning to perceive it differently....I'm better spending mine on productive thinking rather than waste it in outdated ways of thinking which are not part of the new energy. [this has been another lesson] Example: useless jewelry doesn't create a world I choose to live in so why spend energy in the thinking of listing it for sale knowing I'm not giving it any place of importance in my new reality. The place it will have is by being the mineral kingdom (metals and stones) it will be used for healing as amulets for our space or to be worn assisting in transforming the vibration of that space or our inner form. So here I go ~~~ new thoughts about what and how to sell what I want to be rid of. Most of it is at give away prices far below what I've paid for it, but that's only money isn't it, when my real object is to redistribute these items to those who will in some way put it to worthwhile use in their life as the mineral kingdom was crated for as our partners in this reality.

Ok I can hear someone saying what worthwhile use can jewelry have other than to adorn and embellish our body. it is, so it carries energy, and that means it has it's own vibrational persona. Like silver has a much different energy than gold and carat gold feels way different than overlay or colored metal. Stones are even more pronounced with this as a diamond feels way different than what we use as it's fake counterpart the CZ. Personally I like natural Quartz Crystal in the rough, it has a far more powerful and healthier clear spoken energy than all the gems who have had their energy disrupted and bruised from cutting and faceting. Many hours were spent in the jewelry store soothing them and placing them in healing energy space. Odd thing was the minute these gems were healed of their trauma they were sold and went out into the world to radiate their energy....I digress....

Our world has changed, the energy is greatly transformed since 11-11-11 and so many are noticing it in their own individual way; this is wonderful cause it means it's not just particular sectors it's occurred in, but it's world wide. We are truly now in the process of creating this new reality. One in which we live with different values in our daily expressions, and different values regarding the holidays we've always celebrated, with a different way of gifting. All meaning we'll have a different pattern to our buying cause we'll be applying things differently in our daily lives.
Example: a pair of sterling silver earrings with
turquoise stones will not be just embellishment, it will be worn to put the purity of silver strength into the turquoise assisting us in speaking clearly though our throat chakra the words we want shared.
A gold ring could add to our overall power in many ways depending on our desire and the intention we placed upon it as we put it on.
We will be relating to all things in our universe much differently and this gift giving season is going to help us create this new format for the new paradigm vibration.

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