Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Thoughts on the Holidays

now Ive been around a long time, seen lots of woes, lived through many bad times, economic and otherwise; never have I heard so many who are not celebrating their traditional holiday this year. So many are just not decorating and not able to afford gifting. So I began to think seriously about this and have realized the better portion of this group are probably just in overload of what we call the Shift ~ Earth Changes ~ End how does this attitude relate....WELL I sort of think it fits right ~ perfection!

We who are adult were all brought up on illusion of what this life reality was, and we've either learned or are in process of learning how it's all just an illusion created by what we believed. These beliefs create the perception with which we experience what is viewed by us as reality. But that reality has changed, and with that changed perception the emotions have also changed.So now we need to find a whole new set of emotions to embrace this season with...Frankly I started dropping the holiday thing about ten years ago, for me it was gradual as I did have two small grandsons at that time. Today it's just like any other day because I no longer live the illusions we were raised up on. I give (by request of family) Gift Cards so they can choose their own gifts ~ to me this isn't a gift it just handing someone money. I give less to others cause there is less I have to give, I do less cause there is less of me to do it with. My Shifting started some ten years ago ~remember I'm a Wayshower~ We've come to recognize how not just those we thought of as godlike (priests) but a good portion of what they taught us (Biblical history) was a trumped up story too control the masses. Even if we've not yet come to an intellectual acceptance of this, our underlying beliefs and emotions have been compromised. We literally have shaken the ground our beliefs were built on within our cellular biological structure. Our cells are reacting to this upheavel and with it the emotions we once held are also in a state of upheaval.....

In this new energy we are going to live the holidays differently because we are going to believe differently...What I propose is for us to start right now..Start by not seeing Christmas "not" as the time for Santa Clause with decorations or the birth of Jesus with mangers, but as a time to reflect on the world around us that we have created from within reflecting outward as our reality.........I see myself at Peace, living in abundance cause I've shelter and food ~ my basic needs have been met. So my outer world reflects people with needs mainly being met. This is what the universal Source Field/God recognizes as Abundance. If I were to see the outside world as woefully grieving their plight then it would mean I'm grieving within still viewing abundance as being something physical in the material sense. Thus, from here with my new vision I must seek to find others needs for their true abundance is met. Do you get this...I don't see strife cause I'm not reflecting it from within because I no longer view abundance as material things..

This means there is a need for me to put on finite intuitive glasses to see were others are in their perception. Most unfortunately are still living the materialistic concept, so they think they are in great need of something that is truly not necessity....they live concepts of useless holiday decorations and material gift giving that say nothing of the reason for the celebration.
This year I'm giving some new reality~~even as Gift Cards~~~
I'm not sure yet, not having searched my intuition, but daughter will most likely be given a holistic health treatment to help her battle her Pneumonia and Lupus, Son-in-law something he must share with his family, and grandsons something directing their growing teen minds toward Green living concepts. YES Gifts to create new reality not feed their materialism. Son's well probably be something like a weekend visit with friends (he is a hermit) as I must care for his animal charges in his absence. Others I'll give my time or transportation, natural made healing essences for their vibrational healing. I have one potanizing for daughter as we speak to heal the reason behind walking pneumonia she can't cure.

[Essence vibration of plant and mineral kingdoms help transform
our vibration which reach the true cause of our illnesses within the
Emotional Body... her lack of oxygen or being unable to breath is
a result of her self-centered A personality family smothering her.]

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