Thursday, December 15, 2011

Easy Being Green YOU KID ME

Trying to give Green this holiday, in so doing talk others into being more green, particularly my grandsons. For the ones birthday purchased ITune Music card for his phone devise figuring it saves buying CD's. It costs to purchase music which is norm, but it also costs to charge the phone so it's costing continually to listen to it. This is a hidden cost people never seem to recognize with this new way of living from a hand held devise, saying how it's saving a tree is fine but it's using up more fossil fuel in battery charging. Daughter keeps telling me do gift cards so they can choose their own gifts. Agree it's a good idea as in this rough economy it's also teaching them spending limits, but it's very impersonal and I'm not fond of giving these no thought gifts. However, I'll go along with the program, but have been doing some further thinking on this. I'm considering buying grandsons a card for their Kindle's. With all their devise use it's good to keep them reading books as entertainment if they must use the devise for entertainment. Thinking this is being more Green is a real joke. One thing I love about paper books is you can go back time after time to reread portions if not the whole thing, lending them out for others to enjoy. Their great decor, love sitting at the PC looking out over shelves of books. Not hard bound always, but written words which go with me through life like old friends seldom visited but never forgotten. The energy of their words are present and part of the vibrational frequency of the room, and others are drawn to this. Sad but this new generation will miss this aspect of books as the turn their devise on an off.

Now this kindle idea saves a trees too, but it's not Green, after thinking on it realize it's just the opposite by continually costing in fossil fuels also in recharged batteries. It not only costs to buy the kindle book, every time you open it to read it's costing in battery that needs charging. Only a few cents, but it's an expense of money one must earn and more use of fossil fuels again which indirectly are trees. Reading one book via kindle will be twice as expensive per person than purchasing the actual used paper book. Which by the way lasts a lifetime to be passed on, where kindle books will be trashed with the next devise upgrade to save RAM space or whatever is the equivalent. Something else noticed, Oneson hates texting on his little phone, but others are into it. It's way more costly than a simple voice call or message as it really does take longer unless you have tiny Asian fingers; hell I can't even see the key pad on those wee phones. This too means more fossil fuel use with now nightly recharging instead of every few days. This ain't Green!

In the end I'm stumped about Green Gifting cause I'm seeing how the public has been duped again by spending more of their hard come by funds under the false guise of saving the planet by going Green which is anything but Green. Oh and any time you want to read one of the old classics let me know, it's free for the loan off my library shelve. And more like the endless pages of the book pictured.

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