Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is It Dimension or Density ??

Well I never really plan this it just seems to happen...channeled when I only intended to blog as me.
Dimensions & Density
If you've read or heard of the The RA Material it says we are moving from the3rd to 4th density. Density is not the same as Dimension it's this that confuses many as they so often wrongly inner-change these words when they are not really inner-chargeable. We have been saying this is the 3rd dimension but intruth it has been the 4th dimension. In other words our present reality consists of 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time. Making it the 4th dimension. However it is only the 3rd Density.

As we raise our awareness and take in more photon light frequency we increase
our vibration and in turn the level of our density, thus we are becoming 4th density beings which will exist in the 5th dimensional reality.

Another tricky thing is the numbers we use increase as the consistency
or matter decreases so 4th density which we are becoming is less dense than the 3rd density we were. The numbering thing is strictly a human concept so we screwed it up by using higher numbers meaning higher or a faster vibrational frequency, it vibrates faster because it is not so dense with matter. In this new 5th dimensional-4th density reality we will find we are still in the physical form, but with less density mass so we will have a more fluid movement and capabilities. We'll be more slippery through the time thing, and more slippery in the movement thing by being able to time jump and shape-shift, applying thought to move around in the astral plane and become more adept at creating from thought, and we will more easily send our thought through the field to others.The 5th dimension is the last dimensional density of physical form. When we become 6th dimensional we will be essence forms or in lightbody, which forms over our evolutionary experience in the 5th this new 5thD reality it will be our quest for the next 26,000 year cycle, when again our solar system will encounter a transit of extreme powerful energy, to again help us leap into next and 6th dimension of the 5th density reality.

Our concern presently is getting our physical and spiritual selves in a state of vibrational frequency to move from 4th dimension to the 5th as a 4th density vibration. It is more than a major undertaking, it is the purpose with which we as humans have all come here. No we are not all on what we like to call the same page, but we are all reading the same book even if some don't remember the title. It is our choice to open the book as our expression. We can go with this reality or step into a reality time-space.

As we more into 4th density vibration we will see the idea
of Polarity begins fading away. Yes polarity does still exist in this 4th density of the 5th dimension, but it will be more fluid. This is what was meant may years ago when we were first told we must learn to merge the polarities and find the mid point of balance. When we find it polarity will fade completely from the reality experience, there will be no more good/evil but only Love of Our Oneness with The All That Is and we will have completed the physical expression vibrational experience..

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