Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time Is Eating Up Our Youth

Another one of those days...3 different directions to go and no git up to go. Watch sold, paid, must mail today, also drop sons arrows off at new hunting store at the edge of the woods for re-fletching, so I'd be in the direction of big stores. If it weren't for arrows I'd be ok going the other direction. Do I really want to get into that holiday shopping mess by heading to big stores? NO! Think I'll do the mail and arrows then try in either of our small towns the other direction to get a walk-in hair appointment. If not today tomorrow when I take my friend to town to cash her SS check. Hate asking anyone to wait, that's why I'm so past due on the hair, but I really can't be making these trips to meet others needs without taking care of my own when I'm there. That's another People Pleaser thing I do and it really must stop, notice others don't take consideration of my waiting and I'm doing the driving favor. Odd ~ people that is. Guess as Dr.Phil says we train others how to treat us. That's a good one to remember.

Speaking of training ~ you Mothers out there ~ train your kids to pick up after themselves. It will add years to your life! Must clean house, maybe if I tell others the house is dirty I'll do something about it. Wish I could get through to son to pick up after himself. Think I'll do it and put whatever is his out next to the trash can, it may get his attention. Normal clean up don't mind, but he's an exception with his barn dirt hay and piles of reading material. Have been picking my battles so this is one I've let slide.

Question: do any of you know about after holiday sales. My eyes are going, rearranged living room where TV is to far form me to see. Mine is older, heavy as hell and huge, so I wouldn't mind getting a light weight flat screen TV about 40 inch. Then we could see the small writing in the running lines at the bottom; even son is having a time seeing now. I know lots of things go on inventory closeout sale after holiday's, are TV's one of them? cause they aren't cheep even with holiday sales. Not really a need, but for the little I watch would be nice if it were not a blur. Also like sons new flat screen they can be hooked up to the computer. I'll keep my old one as it has the Disc and Tape capacity built in. Was the last of it's kind made, that's why I got it, but if you can't see the thing it's not much use, hate being confined to changing the furniture around again cause of a TV so seldom used.

Well think I'll grab the vacuum then mop in the kitchen. Ya there is hay caught in dust bunnies ... I've never been this bad but honestly am tiring of cleaning up like I had to when the children were little. Then youth was on my side, it seems to be on vacation lately. Well ~ I'm avoiding cleaning again and going to YouTube to pull this video up..Maybe we all can apply it.. in truth this does work, my problem of late is not enough projects to become totally involved and be lost in them......that's the trick being involved in our Now Moments and the age clock stops ticking. Now you know why I don't live by a clocks, cause if I did linear time would be running out for me. Enjoy what Bashar says about time it's our chance for not aging.

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