Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ebbing Holiday Celebrations

With holiday shopping done it's time to dig into a bit of house cleaning, not that we are having company, not planning it anyway, but the place really needs cleaning as I've been neglectful. After years of having every holiday and housing family over Christmas Eve, that sort of became a non issue after hubby and I separated. Eventually with another mate we simply were not home having a store opened late that Eve trying to help others have a happy holiday. Christmas day was for resting going to dinner or delivering presents. My partner was a poop about it normally staying home if it was dinner. This is how I got away from holiday celebration. However, it began years earlier when I'd asked for Christmas Eve gatherings, as I was working horses and they had to be cared for holiday or not so I always had to work. When I mated again we opened the store working 7days a week the month of December. Celebrating ebbed on it's own. Which was right in harmony with my waning religious beliefs. However, at the time I didn't recognize this as being the harmony I'd chosen to create to ease me out of the family traditions of this most popular holiday.

Son-in-laws large Italian family simply takes over schedules so it makes it easy for me to stay out of that mix, and Oneson can do with out the holidays completely. This has worked perfectly to my advantage and I realize the jobs I held were how I assisted myself in moving away from this all important season I'd held so close when I also held close to my heart a strong Christian belief system. The video I posted yesterday on negative beliefs was an entirely different subject, but the response format from Abe/Hicks is the same...we must look at things in our life and begin to see our role in having created them by choice to help us with our evolutionary process. My jobs eased me into not holding the religious celebration and then my transforming religious beliefs became a non issue. Before I knew it not only were the celebrations transformed so were my beliefs with ease. How beautiful, How gracious I've been to myself....and How I appreciate my having gone with that flow to stay in the vortex of life's harmony. It could of become a real sore spot in a practicing Christian family had I not gone with the flow my higher self provided for me to adapt to life.

This year there is a seasonal wreath at our entrance way, the deer ate the greens in the planters, and daughter has not mentioned a dinner celebration, so I'm assuming they will be with his family or we will just drop by to deliver presents. Oneson of course will be very happy treating it like any other day because as a horse person he will be doing it like any other day, cause animals just don't recognize all these celebrations the human species has scripted for themselves as a reality. Many will think me odd not celebrating. but I must hold true to my inner beliefs and the story behind it is no longer my truth even though Jesus in the etheral stands by my side speaking to me on a daily basis. Some things are just better left for others to find their own path of acceptance to, so as aspects of ONE we can be the expression we have chosen to be in this present focus at this time as we all work our way to recognizing ourselves as vibration in the form of matter..

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