Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winning the Battle We're Fighting

M friend Kathy C posted a great blog "Fighting You Self" which keeps popping up in my Inbox..taking note of this I'm wondering what exactly am I fighting with me about, cause obviously the sync is given to take notice of this .Then realized the fight is the same one so many of us seem to be posing at this time...It's with old ways, family tradition, customs, not just holidays but the entire basis of our belief system. This is so prevalent in our species that no matter what religion we are it seems we have found some format to fit in with the customs of Christmas which began as a Christian Celebration. It's even occurring in towns around the USA where people outside these towns are protesting the Christian implication in the towns holiday decorations. I mean really, if you don't live there or patronize the town what business is it of theirs as an outsider..?

This brings it around to being quite evident that we as a species are simply battling within ourselves as to our own beliefs, because our outer world is the reflection of our inner vibration...So if we are battling or fighting within it's going to exhibit itself in some way in our outer world format of life. Be that it should appear to be someone coming at us or us going at them, it matters not, it's the idea we are in inner chaos and fighting our selves with what we are trying to hold as our beliefs. The reality is changing and this means the beliefs which hold it together as rules are also changing. They have been as we keep presenting ourselves with new ways of thinking, new scientific theories and proofs and new ways of inner acting. These changes are occurring from world and local government on down to our personal exchanges. Our world at large even the planet which is a reflection of our vibration is in turmoil and chaos ~~ and it all comes from within us as we are in the process of fighting with our selves as to what we now will carry as beliefs that will become the format of this new dimensions reality. I've chosen long ago to try and keep reminding myself as things occur in my life This is Evolution moving so fast that I see it changing before my eyes. This is that speed up to Zero Point they talked about where we are not just a part of evolving over long periods of time but we are seeing this evolution transform our lives on a day to day and eventually a moment to moment basis.

So these battles within our self are only our process of choosing what beliefs we'll apply to this new reality dimensional frequency we are moving/evolving into. The fight is within ourselves not with something or someone in the outer try to calm and create a treaty of sorts in that outer world until the battle subsides with the formation of new beliefs you'll be holding as the vibrational being in this new cycle.

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