Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifting Wake Up Call

Week before Christmas I'm still befuddled over gift giving. The idea for son-in-law didn't work, couldn't find bottles for the organic home grown Herbs.Time limited can't get bottles on internet. Boys are a problem too, seems I'm running into snags, since the big shopping was such a bust yesterday with bad news. Son-in-law is getting a different
book, bought for me never opened. "Edible Plants of the World"..he likes survival things so this one too and a gift card for outdoor store is right up his alley. Figured all wrong with grandsons, their likes have changed since start of school year. Oldest favorite is now Basketball and M.Jordon not Soccer. Checked sports stuff, nothing for Basketball. Season hasn't started, maybe that's why, but there was a big question if they would even have a season this year..Sure stores were thinking on those lines by not buying. Shows you how they are trending to be in the present moment of now too. There's a Army-Navy Store where my store was, gona check that out. Now I know why daughter says Gift Cards, cause they so rapidly change their likes and dislikes. Guess this is part of the new generations channel surfing mind. Something to remember when thinking we can buy early and avoid the seasonal rush...Won't work with this new human younger generation.

Don't give many fortunately, as what I do seems to have become a real problem these past few years, cause I really don't like the card thing. I'm thinking this may be the wave of the future thought with the new generations coming behind us. Have most of the small gifties for friends done so this is a break, it was all handmade by me, unexpected so there is no of anticipating something. Think this years shopping was what it was as another lesson to allow me to see where the new generations are so different with their faster thinking channel surfing ADD & ADHD etc. minds. This isn't a disease it's a transformation in the human construct and we old folk must learn to accept it as such. With this in mind I'm choosing to not worry about gift till last minute, then either buy from that or just stick with the Gift Card they can apply to their interest in the moment...The only real selection of gift then will be for which store or online facility....
Just more Transformations in the New Paradigm vibrations...

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Ien van Houten said...

Good luck with the gift cards! It is becoming ever harder to please kids, especially teenage boys. We have just dis-engaged from the whole thing. We don't spend Christmas with the kids, daughter prefers to just chill in that week rather than have the stress of family get togethers. We at our end don't need the stress of having to drive 8 hours through mountain passes at a time of year when storms are a real possibility. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with them in October and Dea Volente will go again in March. In material sense they are much better off than we are. So we are just relaxing about the whole thing.