Friday, December 16, 2011

Harmony of Time Mastery

Mastery of TIME is a sticky subject. Mainly it's something everyone who actually moves forward in frequency of 4th density will have mastered. So if your interested in what's called Ascending during the Shift this is where it's at..Time has been part of the 4th dimension and since it's only the 4th dimension we've attained as a collective reality we don't all master it yet. But if we get to the 4th density it's because we have mastered time...This gets sort of strangely confusing defining all this. Maybe it can be simplified by saying the Dimension is energy with a certain set of rules; the Density is the possible vibration attainable in that dimension. So one can as we have been doing exist in the 4th Dimension but not in 4th density until we master the rules which in the instance of 4th dimension are the vibration is 4th density TIME. Once mastered we can move our fourth density into 5th dimension.

your in 4thD but not mastering time then your only a 3rd density vibration. This is what most people still are because they apply past and future to the now moments of their present experience. When they Master Time they will have moved to the next higher vibrational frequency of 4th density and live the NOW Moment of being in the PRESENT without bringing the association of Past or projection of Future into their Now Moments which will be strictly the Present experience.

Remember all the stuff I blogged about with Onesons problems. I was aware fully of living in the Present Now and striving to do it, but I kept bringing the past into our present moments by remembering why he'd returned home from screw ups with drinking... that past was gone but I brought it into the Present creating the chaos in my own life, be if out of my fear or a deeper anger cause his father had the same problem in his life, it's unimportant. It was the non-existing past sitting in the moment helping to create a fear of the future. Once I got beyond drawing the past into our Present we harmonized to live in peace. The harmony come from being in Mastery of Time because our 4th dimensional 4th density is no longer resonating the past/present/future game rules of the 3rd density. By resonating 4th density vibration in the 4th dimension our experience was based upon the Now Moment of Present harmonics. There is harmony cause I resonated in sync at the appropriate frequency which is created by the density within the wave. That's where it's at - each area of the wave carries a frequency resonance determined by the density of it's photon light and to be in harmony we must match the resonance of frequency or the density with the frequency rules of the dimension.

This is why we've gotten all this info on Law of Attraction and having our consciousness in tune with the vibration of the vortex of energy in which it is spinning... if our consciousness is not in sync with it's wave we are not in harmony with the space-time it occupies and our life is experiences as chaos instead of harmony.

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