Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Resolves

Well flu is on the way out..knew it was brewing Monday night and Tuesday had it, Wednesday morning woke feeling as if it had broken. That's been only 24 hours so I won't complain as it's another lesson for me and there were some strong indicators of this being just that. Normally I just don't get sick because I don't give germs permission to occupy my body. Simply I look as Germs as Beings, attempting to survive and replicated just as humans. I tell them they are not welcome in me, just as anyone would tell me I would not be welcome to take over occupancy of their home without permission.This has pretty much worked for me for a number of years. Son's had this flu for two weeks now and I know several time I went above and beyond wiping things off like handles knobs etc which he touched, so germs wouldn't transfer to me. The thought that said this was necessary also said I could get what he had. It sort of gave permission if I were to come in contact with them. It's all about our thought formulation, and I gave way to thinking the opposite of what I wanted by indirect thinking when cleaning them away cause some of them somewhere would be contacted..

In this event I got the flu and had to reforming my thought. At the same time I had bucked up on the Z A C vitamins with double doses of Oraginal and CellFood. These make the enviroument unwelcome for germs. CellFood is liquid oxygen which kills germs, others boost the immune system, and with enough in our system these invaders find us unwelcome hosts.

Since Christmas been thinking what my Resolve for 2012 should be. Last years was to change perspective of time, which seems to have been accomplished. No it's not a stark difference but a gradual melting away of the old thinking which always drug the past into the Present to form a Future. Seldom is there any connecting to past these days, each moment being based upon it's own merits and life is far more harmonious. What I'm sensing is this years Resolve should be an expansion of Thought, by making the though more direct rather than indirect.The indirect was cleaning germs away so I would not contact them, the direct is to simply tell them they don't have permission to be in me. We've been guided for many years to be careful what we think, but few have grasp the deeper concept...this years Resolve for me apparently is expanded on that deeper concept to be more direct.

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