Thursday, December 29, 2011

More New Year Resolve Lessons

Wow Mblog is just so quiet, seems every place is, even the stores in town yesterday as we had no problem parking at the one block is the grocery, the next the drugstore, normally I'd park and walk but yesterday it was bitter cold and windy,with some remains of the flu wasn't willing to take the chance as all I wanted was to be warm inside and out. Have gotten really good at visualizing where I want to park and have the space open for me just as I get there. It happened all through Christmas shopping season too, even the mall the first space was emptying just as I pulled up to park, putting us close to the door. This is exactly what they promised us would happen as we began using more direct thought of our desires without all the clammier of side thoughts. Seems to happen when there is a strong will behind it, not when I'm wishy washy. Like yesterday was chilly and windy, my will to avoid that was very strong. Also the tenant called last night his heater stopped, of course that sort of thing never happens during the business day. Repairman is on his way this morning. This all seemed to just swing into my favor as a night service call would start at $100. extra. Today didn't want to walk up there as it's 25degrees this morning with wind chill at 10degrees, but the tenant was to see his doctors to have his knee drained after surgery no real appointment. It's warming into the mid 30's less wind later, but I clearly held in my thought that the tenant would go later and be there so I could avoid challenging the cold. Desire was fulfilled and they will just bill me..

The past few days with Oneson having flu I'd thought how it would be good if he could stay home rather than have to work outside in damp and cold...Guess what, no work even with clear weather... Today he finally went to work feeling better. We must really be careful what we wish for, or in this case think, as I'm creating my desires instantly and if your not already, you soon will be.They told us we would, once we started thinking more direct and got rid of all the thinking that muddles the field. This was fine for son this time as he has a small stash of $ but normally it would not be. This is part of that New Years Resolve of direct thinking, we must however, as I failed to do in this instance be sure what we desire and think is for the over all greater good...So there are a multitude of aspects to this Direct thought. It must have our will behind it as a real desire and must be determined to be for the greater good of all concerned.....More lessons learned and in the learning son didn't get hurt more than he was helped...
Almost an OPPS!

It's not easy doing this as you need to sort of bundle all the particulars in one thought that quickly passes through your mind as you create the thought of your desire. This is what I did knowing his $ was ok and he needed rest more..He did sleep most of that time other than feeding the animals, and did heal but it could of been disaster on his wallet as he hasn't worked since before Christmas. This is good that I've already begun working on this New Years Resolve as there is way more to creating our desires for our life than meets the mind of thought.

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