Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Old Ends and the New Begins

We've finally arrived at the last day of 2011, as most of you I often wondered if we'd all get through this very trying year...Oddly looking back as hard as it was we upgraded our resonance to meet the higher frequencies and accept the changes as they came at us. Most likely none of us are actually in what we'd call a better place than we were one year ago, but this is because we are experiencing the collapse of the old reality as we are still building a new one, we must remember we are still looking at things from the old paradigm beliefs even though these are transforming into the new dimensional paradigm we still cling to old concepts of what life should be. We are far far more adapt at handling our woes that we have ever before been because we resonate a much higher frequency. It's known many of you have illnesses which are a challenge. We are all far better able than ever before to vibrate ourselves into our vortex of desire. By holding this higher resonance we will all weather the transformations to come in 2012, be they economic, living conditions, government changes or personal, or inner spiritual, and with them begin to see how the new paradigm is way better that the old ever could of been. Abraham / Hicks has shared much of this in some wonderful videos which we may want to go back over as reminders that we are in charge of our destiny we are the creators of our experience and not the victims of circumstance we always though we were..

So where does 2012 take us? one thing is we are all now aware there is no end of this beautiful planet, only the end of life as we have known it to be. We are gradually all melting away old beliefs to set the new format for a better reality in place. By this time next year we will have transited the Center of the Galaxy and all the old energy will be out of here, and we'll be firmly entrenched in creating the new reality. 2012 will be the return of power to the people, as it was said "the meek shall inherit the earth". Yes there will be more natural disaster as our planet too settles herself into the new vibration, but they will only effect as we choose to allow them to do.

Oddly I don't believe you'll find too many foolish enough to be giving prediction for the coming year...Why~cause they can't! the Power will return to the People and they by acting in the Moment of Now will create what is appropriate in the Present for their reality. It will be this way for all, so at best we can say, this will be a year of living in the present for the greater of of all in that moment, as we continue to transform our inner selves and upgrade our vibration becoming the advanced human ...That is a major leap in consciousness

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