Monday, December 12, 2011

Space and Time Changing

Promises to be a weird day again; yesterday was too when son went to work on Sunday 10am not 6 , that really screws my poop up as the whole days timing is off since not using clocks. Today must ship a few eBay sales, then pick up the ITune Card for grandsons wanted for his birthday. Drop it off ~the Day was yesterday~ they had plans so didn't try to connect. He's in school daughter at work today, we will see each other end of the week, but he'll have the card to use. This saved an extra gas trip too. Feel we are all learning and teaching the other at this time when we have to reinvent our ways around the economy and doing so much more in the same time space. These are all great views of how our most important lessons don't all come in books but we should share them with others any way we can...not always in writing them into books, as in the present time is of the essence as it's quickly changing in perception of it's application.

Had a beautiful gold watch eBay listed for about half price..not new, a piece bought over store counter (estate ~ we were licensed to by and smelt gold) so paid very little for it. With today's gold market it's worth five time what paid so even at this I'm making money. Someone offered below what it was listed for, since it didn't sell I'll give it a home as it still runs and is in new like condition. Never wear it so why horde if someone will put it to use. It's a Geneve with a closing lid that has 9 beautiful Opals mounted, a real ahhh piece that got lots of attention even as a bracelet before anyone knew it was a watch. Of course I'm fluxing between this give away price and holding out for more, but ....that's my test isn't in this new paradigm vibration we should not place monetary value on things other than need; and I don't and someone else does. Lessons all around me!

For me it's what this time btn. 10-28-11 and 12-21-12 seems to be about. Learning to walk my talk..everyday there are small tests as my lessons for doing this. Beyond learning to live my word it's about personal ethics. One area really is grating on me though...I snapped at the new tenant several times, had to figure out why. Eventually realized when the ink wasn't even dry on the lease he 'Violate' me by entering and using my garage without permission. (he asked about using it, I said No it's full) then found he stored a carpet in there...realize his intention wasn't bad, but in my world we just don't use our neighbors space as our own when they say we can't. I don't know this guy, think he had nerve invading others private space, say nothing of it being breaking&entering. No it wasn't locked, the old barn style door is even missing several slats but it's someone else's space not his. Passed it over lightly, until he kept sweet talking me calling me Hon. Inappropriate for a business relationship which is not gender specific (landlord/tenant). Makes me very uneasy and has left me feeling I must lock doors for the very first time in 47years. Son says he doesn't trust him either, there have been several other pushy things done, I find very annoying. One thing my telling him he's pushy has done, is make him cautious of crossing me. Son reinforced this with statements letting him know I accept nothing less than total ethics form everyone. Maybe he also realize his nicey nicey is seen for the act it is as a means to deceive and put others off guard so he can push his way in. Since he deposited the last rent in my mail box rather than venture down for a personal meeting, I'm assuming he's caught the drift. This isn't what I wanted, but it's what I'm getting, and I view it as his being the latest catalyst creating situations by which I can evolve my vibrational frequency. These lessons always work both ways (just as the did with son) IF we are wise enough to open to recognizing our responsibility in the inner-action.

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