Sunday, December 11, 2011

Opps! Lost MY Page

Well if I didn't know better I'd say it was old age, but my mind is sharp enough to remember things like html and learn new things so it's not that. It's living this new frequency that this developing a few problems by living along side of those not yet there and still living the old paradigm formatted life...
My grandson was
13 last August, totally forget the day. Daughter called the next morning reminding me I'd forgotten. Anyway he could care less at that age he's so into his friends. Also they celebrate the day at home, have his friends another day and often the group of three sets of grandparents on another.. A bit of an over kill, but to each his own. I forgot cause this year there was no grandparents party set up as a reminder. I do feel bad though even if he didn't mind. Today just got a call from daughter, it is the other grandsons 11th Birthday. 11 on the 11th I said a few months ago, the dang if I didn't forget it to. Might help if I'd of remembered the 11th follows the 10th the day of the Full Moon Blood Eclipse. This happens with living the now as the 10th was not in this now...At least I'm treating them equal in my forgetting. He got a cell phone gift from parents and I called him, his first real call on it.

Was so in the moment of finding daughter the just right gifts
for Christmas and her birthday Jan 3rd, that his day totally passed me by. Of course, realize now my concern over hers was inner self trying to get me to listen that there was a birthday for someone to deal with, but I was hung up on daughters health problems it totally went over my head. Ok lesson learned!

Seems since I live in the moment and don't really function in all the old paradigm folly anymore I'll have to come up with a more obvious calendar. There is one on the wall, it's only a foot square and it's like a permanent addition to the decor. Must get something with magic marker in colors to catches my eye. The big thing is I stopped marking off the days as they passed, in doing this I always noticed what the next day would bring. Things like birthdays etc have never meant much to me and seems I've very much gone back to my old Aboriginal past life sentiment of not celebrating them, but instead celebrating a Day of Accomplishment. I'm always giving Accomplishment gifts yet forget Birthdays. These are days we ourselves take note of honoring ourselves for having turned milestones. I like this much better, it's a way of not calculating time or aging, but honoring the evolutionary advancement of our consciousness. That is how the original Aborigine's did it and it is that which stays with me. This only means to keep life and in harmony with the world we must seek interim ways to do this as we move forward until we are all on the same page.


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