Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Transformations in the Outer World

Last blog mentioned we should look around and see the changes as they are occurring....cause 6 months from now in June we will exist in a very different world, here we are also speaking about economy and government too. Taking my own words to heart I looked...actually I've been looking and it amazed me cause I live in a rural area where there are many horse farms and planted fields, we are a live and let live area. Basically it's eastern Pennsylvania mid state boarding central New Jersey where we get full experience of all four seasons, summer are in the 90's and winters 20's at avg. extremes. Which means we have extremes in heat cost as well as air conditioning and winter lighting.The big changes noticed are all the holistic health practices and how main stream hospitals offer alternative healing. Along with this son and I took a ride into Jersey a few weeks back to do some shopping and found two huge Solar Farms hidden behind wooded tree lines on 20miles of road just outside our small river towns. Solar farms have become popular in this area where farming is no longer the best use of land for profit. There are acres and acres of solar panels, row after row producing power for the small communities. Eventually they will take over the better portion of power produced. Here wind farms are not popular, there are small areas which always have a breeze but wind mills need a constant flow and that is only had from those areas close to the ocean which are already suffering residential over-populated.

It seems this area of New Jersey has become very progressive and the up-graded frequency here was noticed. I was quite aware of it in my woods and the small river towns, but surprised to find it in the larger town with mass movement. I was amazed at the vibrational change which was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. This wasn't so much spiritual which is what I normally feel, even though any rise is always spiritual at it's core, what this derived from was a consciousness of caring for the planet by recognizing it's One with us and everything We do effects It. These people don't speak of and probably don't even think of a SHIFT of CONSCIOUSNESS, they simply see themselves as having awaken to the need to save the planet. It really makes little difference because at the core of their consciousness change is the idea all is ONE Unified Inner-connected Field and there lies the spiritual concept of Oneness in the new frequency attitude and belief beyond 2012.

In scanning the latest holistic free magazine there were a number of new green business in the area and the new Green Living Store which opened last summer advertises paying $5.00 for old non-stick pans. Someone locally turns them into battery or solar clocks and outdoor temperature gauges for sale. A great idea paying people to recycle these outdated products, and introduce them to the latest non-toxic new non-stick pans the Green Living Store sells. It was an interesting observation because even though the area is heavily populated it is still quite rural between the dotted small communities and homes hidden in the woods. The housing industry even though at a lull offers many new innovation's for heating that are becoming more affordable with popularity and doing away with air pollution, including the old standby of firewood, and are more cost deficient. One just doesn't expect to find such a fast turn around in a rural small town area, but this is a wonderful positive indication that the masses in the private sector are making positive consciousness changes, and that all begins from the inner consciousness regardless of the outer expression. What surprises will turn up next week and the week after. It will be interesting to observe the transformation in our outer world as it's being expressed from within.

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