Thursday, January 12, 2012

LOOK A New World is Creating Itself

Things all over are quiet...not dead just quietly slow as if life is in suspended animation, expectation of what I'm not sure, perhaps snow to blanket our world making it white clean and new or maybe it is just in that process of formulating the new physical reality. During this time I've been playing catch-up with many things including my attitude. What I've seen is myself grasping an attitude from the past and planning action around it ~ then suddenly realize it's an outdated Past Vibration which doesn't apply in this new frequency. Then set my thoughts to the Present Moment with new awareness. Like new tenant who had surgery on his knees, and has had very little work. He's late on rent, due the 1st to 10th after which there is a late fee, which I won't charge this time but he must make effort to make time payments to not get behind. [Son could not keep his horses with his work situation if he were not here. Yesterday he didn't work even though weather clear in 40's, he repaired tenant house slate roof around the chimney. The roof is well over 130 yrs old needs a new but ~ even at cost it's big and rents would need to be raised to re-coop that cost. This and the other roof repair pd. sons rent for the month.] Tenants have not had a rent increase in 5yrs. Right now there is nothing for the new tenant to compensate with, but he like the other male tenant has Gout. The old tenant works factory missing 5days due to a flair up, has finally heard me about his diet rather than going to stronger drugs. The food restrictions are rough like eating cardboard. However, new tenant likes to cook, I'm thinking of suggesting to both them he cooks for the two and other tenant pays him for meals he wouldn't know where to begin making himself. It's an idea which might work for them both. This is the kind of catch-up that is part of the energy of this lull period. It's as if things are being reset in their intended place for this whole new reality to begin. Son has some irons in the fire for maybe taking over old bosses business or clients under the company set up, then paying him and his wife salaries??? That's a big leap in this economy, or just taking some of the jobs and using the guys trucks and equipment...I'm trying to help them all come together with their lives and that includes daughter and her life style changes to avoid drugs to control Lupus with natural methods.

Now I know none of this is important or meaningful to others, but it may help you see what is going on in your own life more clearly, as these energies surely are something very different than what we've ever before experienced. The format will be entirely different, but this time is an energy in which we can set up plans for a whole new way of doing life. Like some of you can or dehydrate the free food you receive food from others and repay by giving them back winter stores. Some sew and craft and takes others warn outs and make something useful for them out of this to repay them fore cutting firewood. This is the beginning of a new thinking a new economy based on what we have to offer as exchange. Sometimes it's not always direct like cooking in exchange for $ sometimes it's linking others up so they can pay their rent so taxes etc can be paid. I extend transportation to others who help yet others and in the end this pay it forward type effort always comes back in other ways cause someone does for me what I have need for. It's beginning to form into a whole new reality based upon resources. Once we individuals get it working the big guys will have to up in their effort and this includes the big companies and banks with holding that are eating them up instead of feeding them. Take a look around you, think you'll be surprised at how things are coming together with very little ado.

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