Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Right From the Horses Mouth

With every cloud there is a silver lining and it's our job to find it if we are to stay in harmony with the transforming frequencies of our universe. This lull has given opportunity to catch up on needed clean-up of loose ends, reading, and a Lupus info web search for my daughter. Her Discoid Lupus has created a lung problem and a internal trachea rash which after flushing and biopsy is shown as neutral, but must be watched. The doctor wanted her on Predisone ~ she refused. Thus we are (Dr.included) in a search for some alternatives. The silver lining here is that daughter who has always been aware of the down side of standard medicine has always practiced it, and finally seems to have recognized this auto-immune failure she's had is the result of it. The alternative here is to find a way to keep the inflammation down without the steroid which suppresses the immune response to symptoms. In other words this steroid kills the bodies natural responses because the body over reacts in the wrong way, or actually in the right way it just can't stop the inflammation and therefore keeps trying to and in doing so destroys the tissues. Steroids are not a cure it just bides you time on the destruction.

We've fond by using natural ingested substances that help our immune system respond in a more appropriate way we can perhaps rid the cause. The main source we ingest is Trumeric used in mustard for color also called Curcumin. I've taken it for years as Antioxidant Protection for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, because anytime there is a body ill there is inflammation calling in our body defense system of white cells, which in certain cases destroy more than necessary attempting to stop the bodies natural response of inflammation to pain swelling discomfort and stress. In her case she will need an Endocrinologist to work with her Adrenals which produce many things, among them Cortisol which is the natural body steroid that is mis-functioning. The evidence in most of us that Cortisol is being over produced is the excess stomach weight making us pear shaped as we get older when it has built up. Cortisol is produced any time we are under any type of stress as our natural cortisone then kicks in. So one of her first concerns having just lost some weight is not regaining it from taking Predisone. Weight is unhealthy for our heart. With her it's vanity and also knowing the
results of Predison from her sister having taken it for Lupus SLE. This must be her higher self way of helping her change her way of healing her body. It wants her to listen to her body and react to heal it not just hide the symptoms created by the cause. So thus far she's taking Curcumin and Zyflamend both helping her body respond by eliminating inflammation.

This gets even more interesting now knowing her horse, after departing this world, came back to tell her she must work on her health because she is getting Stuffed...Finally this makes sense to us...she is stuffed full of dead and dieing white cells from the battle they have been fighting with her inflammation caused by the over production of cortisol....
Wow ~slow but I finally understand what you said Lego~

P.S. this is a photo of my old boy TED from the 80's who taught daughter to ride, it's not her horse Lego, who came back to speak to her with the message

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