Saturday, January 14, 2012

Get Our Of Your Own Way

Recently every where I turn the statement "Get out of our own way" has come up. Know what it means, but was not sure why or in what way I could be so "in my own way" that higher consciousness was making a point of this. Getting out of our own way generally refers to Ego inflation that blinds us, it also refers to the beliefs we hold which limit our perception and hinder expansion of awareness by holding a closed minded position. Looking back on my life there is stark realization I was relatively closed minded, as I believed my beliefs to be progressively correct as attitudes developed far beyond those I was raised with. Today figure I'm about as open minded and all accepting as one can be, by accepting others for who they are and their path as the experience they choose to express in manifestation.For right or wrong according to society it is their expression as an individual Aspect of Source, so Source can know all things....
AHA there it was in the statement sticking out like a sore thumb "for right or wrong" .

We are born into this life "Pure" with no set rules or beliefs. Any rules, rights and wrongs, are placed upon us by our parents and the society we are raised in, as are all the beliefs we come to hold. This is quite evident before Christopher Columbus who was reared in a culture thinking the world was flat..he set out to prove a different belief. Once he established the world was round belief changed via the100th monkey theory, showing us we are products of our environment. [ now this is something to remember We Are Products of Our Environment]

Being birthed pure of mind and heart ALL our beliefs are learned
after we get here from the perception of the society we live in. In other words everything we hold as belief creates our expression of reality as designed by the humans around us. We call these our Belief Systems, I like to call the our Buy-ins.We each buy-in to the life around us not realizing these beliefs are only that ~ mans thinking. If we're inquisitive we question and seek other beliefs to contemplate which we may see as better buy-ins. It's these buy-ins which cause us to get in our own way. In order to be "totally open" or "Accepting" making all things possible, we must "Get out of our own way" with the clutter clutter we've bought into stored behind the doors of our mind. We must release all the man made beliefs if we desire to be as it's said "Pure" ~ "Like a Child" to express ourselves as divine Source. (there is discomfort in that word divine, so will use the term Source of All That Is)

For instance Ritual Amulets and Prayer have been very much a part of the Metaphysical New Age culture I experience. However, there has always been this inner voice telling me I didn't need these. They are beliefs, buy-ins which are part of that culture. Inside I know none of it is necessary to master the Source Field we are all apart of. Mastery of this Field will create the experience we choose, and this doesn't require a ritual, holding or wearing of amulets or prayers. All that stuff only serves to diminish within ourselves the power of who we are. Inadvertently instead of empowering us as it was designed to do, it dis-empowers us silently saying we are less than and require outside assistance to master ourselves. Suddenly I realized this is not just dis-empowering us, it dis-empowers All That Is as Source because we are all Aspects of the One. By "getting out of our own way" we allow us as representatives of Source to master this physical experience fully empowered, this is stepping into that space of Ascending Higher Vibrational Frequencies creating the new reality cycle we came here to experience in this space-time.

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