Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeing An Old Movie With New Eyes

What a delightful Sunday..son worked for old boss making up lost days from regular job, good for me giving time to enjoy movie and book as it was hovering around 20 degrees and hurtful outside. When he's home things are disruptive so this makes up my lost quiet time too, which seems I loose today Monday again. Early afternoon the phone rang, somehow even though signing up again for that Do Not Call List I'm getting calls, so make a habit of not answering the phone if the name isn't recognized. This was an unrecognized name, but intuitively knew to answer it. It paid off was the X sister-in-law who had also been my best friend in high school. As time went on we grew apart, she married divorced then married the brother of my husband, becoming very needy satisfying it with a materialistic passion and belief she had been saved by her religion. I'm the opposite, leaving a big gap in our ability to think on the same level even though I introduced her to Christianity, she become a fanatic as I moved the other direction away from organized belief systems devised by some humans elitist. We moved further north distancing our friendship, I was glad for this and most likely she was also. For me it's hard to talk to someone who calls themselves born again and preaching a belief everyone who does not adhere to their belief is a sinner destine to rot in some illusion of hell, however she's still the lovely person she was when we were girls ~ a Pisces with elegant charm to be envied.

Unfortunately her reason for calling after lapsed years of communication was to inform me our husbands (both departed) sister had passed away. She like I had been shunned by the family after the brothers departed. ?? I'd heard nothing over the years and since I'd contacted them several time and the gesture was never returned, chose to simply let sleeping dogs lie.We caught up on outdated family news, I'd known she remarried 20 years ago and is still very happy, very healthy at my same age. It is odd her daughter has returned home to live with an 11yr old just as my son returned. We were widowed and at the same time I began my 12yr relationship she remarried. Our lives are something of weak parrallel so to see the choices we made taking us different directions is quite interesting. Conversation was as if there had never been a lapse in years, which says something strong about our soul connections and how they remain regardless of the journey one choose in each physical life focus. We are very different people today than as teens, and to view how we have changed as we made choices in our belief buy-ins. We promised to get together, doubtful it will happen, at least on my end, because I can only take so much hearing how people are lost if they haven't been saved by something someone outside themselves, especially knowing she never told her son he was conceived out of marriage and even though they married/divorced and her second husband adopted him, this was never related to this now 50year old child.... I can't believe people are still hearing what they want to hear, reading separation and being the chosen from the man-made belief devised to usurp the power which is our birth rite as Aspects of Source... sad how need produces the fear to close the door of the heart beyond what we are sold by those who go before us...there is no evolution in this...oh well not judging, just don't want to subject self to listening to attitudes I can not adhere to and try to remain polite doing so especially from one how is hypocritical to live deceit. It is simply easier to avoid those who have chosen a journey this journey when they insist theirs is the only right path. this is not a judgement it's just knowing people can not grasp beliefs beyond the level of awareness they are prepared to open to.

There is a lesson hear somewhere for me or maybe just a view, like an old movie rerun being view with new eyes of deeper compassion for those who outwardly appear to have so much and within have so little Love of the All That Is being equal as ONE.

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