Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rude Awakening About Ascension

As you know I had the flu cold and rid it in only a few days, but sons has continued over 3wks so insisted he go to the doctor due as many we know have Walking Phenomena, several hospitalized and he's without insurance. The doctor insisted on seeing me too (we're old friends)surprised me with his concern for my chest and inner ear condition; and here I was feeling fine. Reluctantly I filled the scrips and have spent the last two day coughing and blowing my head clear but feeling fine.??? Didn't mention this cause I know there is more meaning to it than just this and wanted to find it before talking about it.

Well last night had one of those Dream Nights [rare for me to remember dreams] knew in each it was a dream, and reminded me all life is, so there is no reason to fear even though I was being chased relentlessly. There was no who or why, it was like one of those modern futuristic fast paced senseless chase movies in which I was running for my life. Eventually I said OK enough this is over, with it realized what was chasing me were all the Old Beliefs I'd established that held the old reality together which are only illusion. Woke coughing and needing a good nose blow to realize this flu cold condition was the means by which these beliefs had been drawn from the energy in my cells containing them, into mucus which I was expelling. I also heard it clearly said "Oneson too!" was doing this and for him much worse to where he couldn't work for running to the bathroom every few minutes releasing at both ends mucus but not just in coughing and nose blowing. He sobered up and changed attitude, but has no willingness to think of Shadow Work or releasing outdated emotions and beliefs and wants to continue thinking this of life as normal. If the desire is to ascend to higher vibration we will unconsciously strive to do this, under what ever belief we hold from the knowing it is what we are meant to do, even if not consciously aware of this is what is happening. Not everyone raising vibration will recognize it yet as ascension on the spiritual level.

To put it mildly this was a Rude Awakening in the middle of a rough nights sleep. Even more of an awakening to realize this is how I chose to release from all the Shadow Work I've been doing. What is also strange I feel clean or cleared of things I can't even remember. (a sync with not knowing I was sick) There isn't a void, but a void which has been filled with more light like a clean slate waiting for something to be written on it. One other thing which occurred last night before bed, I read something again about how computers and electronics disrupt our ability to connect to the natural rhythm of the planet. How if we don't re-balance our rhythm we will never be capable of adjusting to the natural flow of vibrations for the ascension process with the planet. With this recognized my own PC use will become more limited using the computer to make life easier but not be the obsession for communicating it has been. It will be a help like our kitchen stoves and equipment to make life easier to our advantage not a disadvantage, and I'll continue to avoid the hand held devises that are becoming second nature to some. This is all about Shadow Work and releasing the illusion of emotions and beliefs used to create the old paradigm realty, so we have a clean slate for raising vibration to ascend as divine being we are. (Unless that is one choose a different path to not ascend by raising vibration to the next level)

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