Friday, January 6, 2012

We Listen Us Into Being

Sometimes there are things you feel but can't exactly put into words and withthem your not even sure what exactly it is you feel as there is simply a vaguesensation of thought and feeling connected to something..yes That Vague.Then the other day was reading a book in which it was all suddenly clarified in reference to our creating our own reality from our thought and emotion.It was said it appears to be that we are "Spoken into Being" or we "Listen us into being"........ya it takes a bit of getting the mind around.

The idea here is that we are born into a world with out any pre-conceived ideas of anything. We just are and we live by sensation of the moment. Crying whenthere is a need unmet and cooing when we are content and feeling comfort. Over the period of our growth we unfortunately eventually develop perceptions given to us from outside ourselves. THIS is what I'm speaking of. What others say to us, about us, as we are developing which we listen to, forms the who we become based on what we listen to...

We are actually spoken into being, because we listen to the words of others impression of us. "We all help listen each other into being". The Bible stated this saying God spoke and the WORD created....We related this only to God speaking, but in truth We are all ASPECTS of God, so our Word also creates when it is spoken with beyond normal emotion, Buddhist and Hindu are aware of this when using the "Om" in meditation. Most of us have a poor use of ourlanguage, for instance telling our child they can't do that when we mean they
should not do that. There is a difference here that places limits on what we think we are capable of. There are other extremes such as cruel hurtful remarks in anger compared to warm loving forms of discipline, one diminishes ones self esteem and the other builds confidence in the self. We encounter every time we listen to what other say to or about us thought out our life and sometimes the action speaks the words. In elementary school I was shy and in a class where oral presentation placed any mistakes in front of the entire class to be sneered at. This placed a shy person in fear who then would clam up and make a mistake placing me in the last group for dummies.. It was not until moving to a new school system where we worked privately to be graded that I started to gain self confidence knowing no one but the teacher and I would know if I was less than perfect....Surprising how fast most of my grades became A+work and from 7th grade on I was an honors student, showing I'd listened myself into being something I wasn't.

As adults we often argue with others who inflict insult etc on us. The fact is we wouldn't argue if we didn't actually feel we had to convince them differently, so on some level we have accepted listening our self into being this. If you've noticed after a relationship break up many will go wild dating and trying to find the next lover just to prove their the unworthy or unloved person the X spoke them into being. This one area I've always been very conscious of being a People Pleaser. Even when wanting a relationship to end I never spoke ill to or about the other person. Having a son who presented the same problem of drinking in my life as his father did, I came to see my role here. I always stopped short of saying your a drunk or your useless or a waste, even though often angry and thinking this, I never wanted to harm their ego with that harshness. I'm not so sure with my son, but when my daughter was little she had something of the same fear of being stupid I did. I was careful what I said to her and she ended up developing into a very secure well adjusted woman. Not that it was all me but somewhere I played a positive role in it. So when they tell us BE CAREFUL WHAT WE SAY here is another reason why we should learn to contemplate the words we speak before others listen to them........"We listening us into being"

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