Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playing Catch Up with the Self

Last few days didn't wake with messages from Higher Consciousness to share, so began scanning the web and reading bits and pieces finding little sense to any of it as most was what has already occurred, it is past and over not being the present moment. It was then the profound message came to me that we in a period of catching up to ourselves like gathering our thoughts before the next storm. For many years I've encountered rushed periods of learning and then long quiet periods in which awareness was integrating that deeper level than mind. Frankly I wondered why at this time it seemed so silent, then realized it was truly anything but, it was only as said a time for catching up to ourselves as there are so many ways in which we offer ourselves information.

Many do so through their craft of music or art, others through growing crops working with the plants. Yet others find their information is communication with the mineral kingdom and some come by it from their creatures or by a walk upon the planet or in the woods or at the seaside. We simply do not all hear or read it from others anymore than we all channel it from highers aspects of ourselves viewed as angles or guides. It comes by way of what each individual is most open to in the moment. It even comes to some via their God as it's dependent upon where each being places their focus and greatest attention. At this time every form manifested into this reality is getting energy wave information regarding this Shift in Evolution taking place upon the planet, what each does with it is another thing and we are all catching up to ourselves with this choice in the moment.

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