Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year of the Chinese Yang Water Dragon

Another wonderful sync...A while back during meditation I was told we speak often of being in the flow of energy, yet we have not make the connection to this yet. That connection is that we are 96% water, our planet is 2/3 water, and the new year of 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Tang Water Dragon. During this
year the more we think of ourselves as water waves flowing with the water waves around us the more fluid we will become. Their joke was the quicker we learn to be the flow of the water the quicker we could take the short to flow through the wall. It is suggested we stand or sit in front and begin to imagine ourselves as the water.

This year as we begin to think ourselves as our more accurate form finding it peaceful, for all it's uncertainty; we will be secure knowing we can brave the changes as we are free of old limitations, so our choices are creating the changes we desire for our new reality. Our past trials and tribulations have taught us to go with the flow now we know we are the flow and are free to live it.

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