Monday, January 30, 2012

Using an Orgon Rejuvenator

Recently shared a blog about Orgone Energy. The name Orgone is only what one set of scientists calls this, it's Chi or the Source Field or Life Force, all the same by whatever name. There are small non-mechanical devises which when made of certain conductive metals move this energy when constructed by certain preferred mathematical formulas. For some time I've been watching an eBay seller who makes these and finally bit the bullet to purchase one. this one started at $45 but ended at $60 and I didn't mind as eBay Bucks earned paid for half of it. Since he makes the individually not all models are always available. Each design has it's own purpose, this is a Life Force Rejuvenator Orgone Oscillator which had previously only been made for special friends.
Made of pure copper and quartz crystals, energy is collected from two different symmetrical planes and picked up by the oscillator and resonated to a frequency that will fill the room with a level of loving, understanding energy that every one will find pleasant, all experiencing a growth in the exchange of ideals and emotions. A small quartz crystal is used to keep the energy in balance and acts like a governor to keep the Rejuvenator from overloading. It's a table top model standing 10 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches wide. It's quite attractive in the appropriate setting.

It was said there would be improvement in ability to dream, (there was) conceive ideals and feel more alive. (more energetic) The dang thing is Powerful, the day received it was placed in living room where son and I jointly spend most of our time. It's to be moved daily from room to room keeping the entire living space evenly balanced and attuned. This first day nearly knocked my socks off, 24hours later found my personal energy vibrations transformed. It said all experience a growth in the exchange of ideals "and emotions". What exactly happened I don't know but I was expressing anger about of present situation. Some came from pain havingto slop through mud, some toward son for having created ghetto situations I had to function in, most at myself for closing my eyes to it in this process of choosing my battles to promote his sobriety. As soon I connected it to the devise it was moved outside. It was not till them I also realized this was not so much my emotion, but more sons which must of been this exchange in emotion spoken of, as he has always been a very angry person (even as a child life just wasn't what he thought it should be and he has been very closed minded about it).

This at first made me question this devise and it's being a positive thing, but I chanced following spirits suggestion and brought it inside to the kitchen, the next day moved it to the library/computer room. The following day the dressing room and finally my bed room. Each day I felt energy improvement even with all this extra exhausting horse work, and the climate between son and myself greatly improved. He has been quite pleasant (not a norm toward me as he's very argumentative and disrespectful of anything I say) even with the pain he's in this has greatly decreased. I'm now feeling very positive and horse work is flowing with them and weather cooperating with my desired thought. Slowly I'm attacking some of his mess to clear the way for me.

All in all I'd say that first day was the energy doing what it was meant to do by filling the room with energy of loving understanding for growth. However, since the vibration of son and myself are so vastly different there was an adjustment
to the merging between them, which I strongly felt and son probably considered part of his pain didn't since it was just after surgery. I'm amazed at how calm and cooperative things have been, how he will converse with me in a give and take discussion, and how he has actually asked my advise, in time maybe there will be some small ray of love from son toward me as a result of his releasing anger no longer serving his best interest. I'm attributing this rapid transformation to the Orgone Rejuvinators ability to move the energy to create higher vibrational frequencies.

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