Monday, January 30, 2012

Atlantean Crystal Discovery of Dr. Ray Brown

The Astounding Discovery of Dr. Ray Brown

Known as Dr Ray Brown's Atlantean Crystal Sphere, the discovery of the sphere occurred during a scuba diving trip to the Bari Islands in the Bahamas in 1970.While diving, Ray Brown - a naturopathic doctor - became separated from his friends and while he searched for them, he came upon an amazing pyramid structure, apparently uncovered by the shifting sands of a recent storm. Though startled by the find, he investigated and was amazed that the sides of the pyramid were composed of completely smooth almost luminous stone material . Upon entering the pyramid, Ray enter a Temple Room , no algae or coral grew on the walls. The room seemed to have some form of interior illumination allowing visibility. He observed a golden metallic rod protruding from the ceiling. The rod had a rather large red crystal at its tip. Just below it he observed what appeared to be a metallic set of hands holding a crystal sphere. He was unable to remove the red crystal or the metallic rod, but was able to removethe crystal sphere.


Dr Raymond Brown - The Atlantean Sphere & Dr Marcel Vogel []

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