Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Astrological View of 2012 Happenings

Been boppin round the web and certain impressions have crossed my mind. Then today in a friends site there was a story write from an unknown author which really hit it on the head.
"Everyone is in their tiny bubble of reality, totally lost in their own labyrinth of perception, hardly noticing the discontinuous moments. It's not a conversation, where there is an exchange of ideas, but more a competition for attention. Like one can't be recognized unless they are in some process of filibustering for rightness."
It hit me that when we hard about this 12/21/2012 idea we each grabbed the concept based in our own perception and held it tight. Each now creating our own personal projection of what this event outcome will be. If you go one place you hear Love&Light from Lighworkers, an other Doom&Gloom of End Times and destruction, in others some religious concept that the chosen will be taken to a new Earth like Heaven. There are those based strictly in science with physical proofs of planetary history, hertz frequency, and planet conditions. Then there is the astrological view of this being a repeat event which occurs every 26,000 years as we pass by a black hole referred to as the Galactic Center of the Milky Way from which powerful frequencies flow in a continual upgrade of vibrations. It is this frequency flow which is effecting our planet and all on it as we approach it, and is the physical view we create to show us how evolution works in this reality as it manifests as the physical from it's truer essence self. This is what I like about astrology, it shows us When and Why the frequency of vibrational energy changes, and How it can play out in our focus of life if we observe the transits as directional road signs. Astrology is about the Universal Energy flowing to us in any given moment. This is what the Maya based their calendars on =ENERGY VIBRATION WAVES. So it's nice when someone does your work for you in explaining things from this view. Even thought it's based in physical, it is a collective view creating a belief which helps hold the physical perception in tact...

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