Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SHIFTING to Neptune in Pisces till 2025

February: hardly seems possible we're really moving into this oh so long awaited year of 2012 and it's everything promised by Higher Consciousness Teachers. We have become accustom to doing more things in one moment than we use to do in a day and at nanosecond speed we are now experiencing the creation of our thought as our reality. Powerful X rated Sun Flairs are showering our planet with magnetic rays and the solar winds are blowing photons across it's surface expanding the consciousness of all even if they are unaware. These energies will be the ones to make or break us as their effect will play in detrimental ways on both physical and mental stability unless we make the effort to balance in harmony with higher concepts of Oneness. Our oneness will become more apparent in all activities and we as a collective will all Go Green as it's said, having recognized stewardship does not make us superior but equal to all we cooperatively share life with.

In the near months to come more and more of the old systems will collapse and groups unified in like mindedness will begin to establish the power of the people in harmonious new ways. The road will not always be easy but at it's end is the rainbow of the collective based in love of the All. Our species had in these past months raised frequency to where those dreaded expectations of disaster have for the most part been diverted. You see the creation of those projections were designed to move consciousness to a higher place out of fear and we did just that.

On Friday February 3rd Neptune moves into it's own sign of Pisces for 13years till 2025, this brings about more progressive big changes for the collective as all the outer slower moving planets do. It dipped it's toes into the Piscean waters first on 4/4/2011 then jumped back retrograde into Aquarius to finish up group matters ideas and financial concepts, now there will be no holding the ethical changes humanity desires back when fully into to it's own sign. As a mutable sign it will have a stronger effect on Pisces Gemini Virgo and Sagittarius, and the other water signs Cancer and Scorpio which my have easier time flowing into change. Neptune in spiritual Pisces will concentrate it's energy on raising our inner spiritual awareness in all our doings so we live our deepest spiritual enlightenment having raised the frequency of this changing new world we are creating. We are about to see some wonderful Pisces ethics in the U.S. elections coming up as well as other governmental changes around the world, all from Neptune's swim through Pisces the christed energy sign. I had never really looked at this transit before but now know why I'm always saying this Shift in Human Consciousness will last beyond 2012 till around surprise with the nature of Neptune in spiritual Pisces vibrational frequency at work.

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