Friday, February 10, 2012

Becoming Magnetic Self Healers

Been searching Magnetic Mattress Pads, thought is if local magnets heal our ailments ts by aligning magnetism in disease area, we could do our overall physical health a wealth of good by using this system as a regular maintenance program to elevate daily stress we place on our structure. They are expensive ranging from $150 to $300 even on eBay. However regular fitted mattress pad covers at Walmart were $30 - $50 Queen Size. Will avoid what they call economy as they do not have magnets all over, only in strips. The idea of having it fitted like other mattress pads may be out too, as just the flat pad under a properly tight fitted sheet will work for a loan sleeper who doesn't move much to cause buckling. From what I read you don't want to sleep on these all the time as they tend to weaken the adrenal system over continual long use.. A doctor makes them avoiding magnets in that system area (a joke) and they require your size measurement to fit you, guess they figure you become a rock at night and stay in one position all night?

Will get better quality with less fancy as it's something used the remainder of life, most likely one week out of each month. [have to check more research to see duration and how often maintenance is recommended] But it is a lifetime item purchase as important as a piece of furniture or appliance. The way I'm seeing it is things such as Magnetic Therapy out of necessity may someday replace our insurance coverage, so things such as this will be the future of our health system.

Creating Change isn't always going to be free, but knowing The universe always provides what we need when we need it there is no worry or fear raised about miss-spending when it's for creating positive change for our physical health and self reliance as we and the planet undergo massive transformations in frequency. It will also begin to create new attitudes regarding our health care which will radiate out into the collective as the old system collapses and we can't depend the medical field as we have known it. This is a positive way to unify with what nature offers us to become the self-healers we were intended to be from the very beginning.

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