Saturday, February 11, 2012

Video How Magnets Work in our Blood

Below is a horrid quality video, an ad for the chair they picture...But it is the only thing I could find on how magnets actually react in our blood to heal our body. It's a bit hokie but will give you the idea of the true value in using these small direct applications containing magnets and the magnetic mattress pad. The trick is to get quality that has all of magnets pointed in the same direction and one which indicates the correct side up as -north or negative. There is no use buying a pad that will only harm and not help you, and good companies not only tell you the number of magnets, but the power and show placement arrangement, and indicate all being -north/negative. So if you have an interest in healing the easiest way possible while you sleep take time to understand Why this works.
P.S. I just purchased one on eBay for a Queen size bed @$138. free shipping...a good Sale on quality.

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