Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Many Lives is Your Soul Focusing?

I may express to you, in your terms and in alignment with your associations, it is much less painful to be expressing these types
of projections outwardly in relation to another individual than it may be to associate them with yourself. There is great resistance to be turning the attention to self and examining the expression of judgment, disappointment, discounting, and blame that you express in association with self. Elias - 874

Elias is referring all the chaos in the world today, all that is coming out about good people doing bad things, and all the long hidden facts coming to light from our past and past lives which we find hard to face..It is easier for us to see them when we reflect them as coming from others in our outer world instead of as part of ourselves from our personal past or past lives. It's from the knowing of this as we are a soul projecting many life focuses in this very moment. Continually I'm at present asking myself "what in me is creating this reflection" I have of my son, daughter, tenants or others and the events in my personal surroundings. It's often hard for us to work out what we are perceiving and to recognize how it is the vibration in us that is creating it. Also it may be a vibration that is well covered over by lifetimes of higher resonance so we don't visualize it as part of us, but it's still there coloring the tones of who we are in present. For me it's Control Issues, knowing of my own connection from past lives being Reptilian (a species much like humans with both good and bad) I can recognize this. The work is to find how they are the underlayment of who we presently are and what of it is worth keeping and what no longer serves us from these belief frequencies we continue to hold in the consciousness of our and cells's a deep deep trip into the abyss of the souls content that we are presently searching. If we truly desire to move into the experience of the next new higher Vibrational Frequency Reality we travel this hard dark road to find the greater light of this next dimension.

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