Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine Thinking From the Heart

Valentines Day and I'm sending Love to everyone, as well as myself. My gift is a report on the healing modalities I've been testing our which others can use. Yes these energy things I've been using are working and it's been steady improvement lasting day to day.The Ogone Rejuvinater has the atmosphere between Oneson and myself on steady up swing. We're even feeding horses and deer together with little argument. I'm getting a strong sense he sees how efficient things have been without yelling demands at them like they were trained seals. A Funny: Refrigerator had water in bottom of it, both thought it a clogged defrost tube. Cleaned it and without rush at separate times we looked for access which is well concealed on inside with cover plates. Only partial view of a small rubber connecting hose-plug, which we both noted water coming from. Pushing at it water gushed for me, he got the same, agreed hour being late it was something to get into next day with a borrowed compressor to blow the hose out, so placed towel in the bottom to soak up. Next morning bottom and towel were bone-dry as was rubber hose-plug area, two days later it was back but we shared the adventure of cooperative agreement for the moment???? May have to call the repair Elves as it may be hose-plug has gone to hose heaven. More serious note ~ this is wonderful example of how the atmosphere we share has transformed to a higher frequency of Love creating agreed cooperation with positive results with no effort healing or relationship. (at least in that moment just like the refrigerator is reflecting.)

Then we have the Magnets aligning the jumbled magnetic poles which occur in our physical bodies with illness or injury. These knee wraps are thick and very uncomfortably restricting, so they haven't been warn much. While watching TV I've laid on sofa with them placed over and between my knees and one area of ankle which has become painfully stressed. What I failed to calculate in regard to wearing them is not near the computer. Magnets could have an adverse effect and our electronics are already struggling under the duress of the Solar Flair Magnetic influx. (it's a blast realizing spirit has been creating situations for me to not wear the wraps when I would be sitting at the PC. Finally I understood this message and heard them telling me a little is going a loner way than ever before due to the Sun Flair Magnetics in Earths atmosphere) Only short periods are needed to align my jumbled physical polarity, the results are legs which feel much more sturdy under me even over those frozen horse diverted pasture. Also have worn the Magnetic Rings at night and the Magnetic Mattress Pad should arrive later this week.

Between these devises things are working to lift my vibration and supply way more energy than normal, even though doing much more hard physical work. The surprise is I've not felt any new pulls or muscle strain lifting heavy hay bales and full 4&5 gallon water buckets. Pain is so diminished I spend hours with no thought of my knees. What's makes healing so hard by changing our physical with just our thought, is pain which keeps drawing our attention to the very thing we desire to un-think from our reality. These aids are a huge assist until we down the road adjust to doing these things on our own naturally, and we need to remember while incorporating them they are only temporary not to be dependent upon as we are become self reliant by reactivating all our natural abilities.

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