Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where are your changes taking place?

Creating Change means creating a new you and a new life even if your living in the same place, with the same people, doing the same things. This change we are all going through is one we have no choice in, cause the universal energy is blowing a new vibration across the planet and it's all around us. As a Taurus, this bull likes to quietly graze my pasture undisturbed, choosing when to move to greener grass, but I too am being pushed to change. It starts with a blog community that just disappeared, and a son who just refuses to leave my home, and knees that refuse to stay healed in spite of all the updated healing modalities I've tried. The new vibration is forcing me to ACCEPT to LIVE my beliefs completely as Acceptance of all things as they are is what this new vibration requires. So these are not just temporary alternatives they are the what is and must learn to be accepted and dealt with as such. This is a change in attitude and a change in PC activity for me, sons position in my life, and stop calling healing modalities Alternative Medicine to now apply them as my main lifestyle.

This doesn't mean dropping insurance, we may needed if suffering an accident. Also I don't want to depend on government to take over my health care as the controller force has shown it's attitude on our well-being. If we're responsive we can take over our own healing, but there is possibility we may not be. Then we'd be unable to heal ourselves and plum outa luck finding natural healers accepted till the masses make their change in this direction of taking full responsibility for their own state of health. (long way to go here) So what has been known as Alternative Medicine has become my main source, and Main Stream Medicine the secondary alternative. My path is to live the example here. No not the far out yuppy naturalist, a New Version with merged concepts of natural & science using the best of both worlds. Now I understand why I sold the merchandise I did on eBay over the holidays. It was so I had no qualms of spending money to acquire the things to assist me in living these alternative healing methods. The money to do it didn't come out of the bank account and daily earnings, it was paid for on the spot from profit sitting in Paypal. So far there's been the Orgone Rejuvenator, Magnetic Knee Brace, Magnetic Mattress Pad, and Ultrasonic Hand held wand. Ultrasonic waves are known to heal and relieve pain by breaking up energy blocks and breaking down scar tissue. So after the magnetic poles are aligned in my body and there is a free flow of Source Field Energy there is still scar tissue that can use assistance to be broken down. It's nearing three weeks and the magnetic therapy is gradually working as there is far less pain and much more freedom of movement in knees. Started ultrasound a week ago with excellent results. Now I'm waiting for the mattress pad to arrive as a whole body maintainers devise keeping magnetic poles aligned on a full time basis and correcting any misalignment during sleep.

There will be other things, I'm already sensing some expansion of
natural modalities I've been applying on an alternative basis that are becoming my Main lifestyle. This is a full time swing in the way I take responsibility for my physical, so it's something which will occur gradual rather than shock the system with to much to soon. Then I can be the living Example I'm meant to be in this fourth coming new frequency cycle.

Where are the changes taking place in your life?They are there you just need to look for them and accept releasing old attitudes for the new vibration in this new cycle of energy.

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