Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Are The World

Just read an article "Creating Change" which is a perfect sync with what others have spoken this week, friends on the web too have mentioned and it's all right on target with the general cosmic energy astrologers relate. I had in mind to change my home page name to "Creating Change" to better reflect what I'm now blogging. Beginning of February Neptune moved into Pisces, the sign of spirituality. Neptune reflects our souls energy, so we can take from this our soul is being directed to begin living it's purpose for being here, and that's what we're intuiting and responding to at this time. If we're not already doing what our soul incarnated into this focus to experience, we should be formulating steps to create it, or that purpose will soon get shoved in our face. Either we choose to take that ride or we'll be standing on the platform lost, frustrated unhappily in a state of confused chaos as the ride disappears into the sunset; very possibly it would be so stressful our mental and physical health will be effected beyond repair.

As a way-shower (one who is here to experience first then show others the way by example) I've been experiencing continual breakdowns and collapse of systems in society. It's hit in bits and pieces but began two weeks ago in ernest to escalate so beyond normal there is no doubt this is one of those experiences to be shared by example, and thanks to the web during this speed-up of time through blogs where the example gets shared immediately to prepare others as it hits their lives just around the next corner. We've seem it government and watched Occupy groups bring it to light. Everyone will soon have their individual experience they can recognize as the collapse spoken of and withthe knowing keep their own balanced footing of highest vibration. It's important to remember the old must be moved out to restructure this new reality, it's part of the plan no one will miss out on.

We're a 'community' testing and sharing the Changes we're Creating to rid our dependence on old programing, to better be self-reliant and self-sustained as old programing which no longer serves us and fail in the new cycle energy. Just as the picture shows we are the ones creating the collapsed failures making room for the new formats of our new earth reality experience.
We Are The World
as all inner vibration is expressed as outer reality.
Your experience will be about your life - here is the example I'm showing the way of to help prepare others for the experience:
Sons broken leg surgeons office has created chaos to the point of me blow a gasket (high BP). We must drive 50miles round trip to picked up script for narcotic pain killers, they only give 40pills enough for 3.5 days meaning this is two trips a week on the button and god forbid if we can't make it btn. last & next pill dose.
Friday picked up scrip, he'd need them Sat. night, only to find the Dr didn't sign the script, the office is closed for weekend and they never plugged into the Answer Service. Had to contact hospital to locate Dr on call, and with some heavy duty positive thinking the Nursing Supervisor got him to fax a signed scrip to accompany the unsigned one. Monday son was there for permanent cast, checked in and 20min later they asks why son didn't have an X-ray..LIKE you never said he should! Before leaving got a post dated scrip and they argued with both son and I it couldn't filled till Saturday, we said he'd be out Fri/Sat over night. Get home and message on answer machine saying he can refill it Friday.....
When I went to refill BP meds I've taken for years the price had skyrocketed to $120 thanks to government intervening with insurance when it had been $21 last August. Call Dr/friend of 25yrs to talk changing meds. He was to call end of day before he left for short vacation till Monday..No Return call..Now forced to get the high priced meds.(well not really I never cut it that close but the receptionist doesn't know that and I know she didn't give him the message) Sons experience alone could raise ones blood pressure the this price hike caused by the U.S. Government is really off the wall, it one didn't have high BP before this collapse sure could cause it....being prepared is how we prevent it.
What I'm experiencing is the breakdown in our standard U.S. medical system on a personal Dr's office to patient basis.Which puts me in a position showing others the way to Create Change so we are no longer depend upon this system outside ourselves to heal and keep us whole. At the same time this has been collapsing I've been guided to learn and apply certain ancient energy concepts using magnetic energy and sound waves. Presently I've been using them on my chronic knees with some fantastic results that appear to be far more stable than what I've been able to create with energy and thought healing. These I'll share after I've completed more testing and have results to report. Anyway this is the energy we have moved into where Neptune is guiding us to connect to the true spirit of who we are which is found within, so we can let go of outdated programing which no longer serves us as we begin to Create Changes for this new 26,000 year Vibrational Frequency Cycle.

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